Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser. Land Cruiser 70 and Land Cruiser 200 on Sale in Australia, United Kingdom, United States and Dubai UAE RHD and LHD from world’s top Toyota dealer and exporter

By Jack Kates

toyota-landcruiser-200-series-sahara-heroToyota Land Cruiser is Toyota’s most successful and longest running series. Even though Toyota Land Cruiser had been in existence since 1941, it was named Land Cruiser only in 1954 to indicate its similarity to Land Rover. Land Cruiser has since then far exceeded Land Rover popularity.  Toyota Land Cruiser comes in two configurations: Land Cruiser 70 and Land Cruiser 200 and both are available from our various offices in Right hand drive and Left Hand drive in diesel and Petrol from our Australia, United Kingdom, Dubai UAE and United States offices.

Landcruiser 70 Compact SUV is released in four configurations: Landcruiser 76 4 Door Station Wagon, Landcruiser 78 Troop Carrier Hardtop, Lancruiser 79 pick-up Truck in Single Cab and Double Cab and Landcruiser 71. These are all long wheel base models. Land Cruiser 71 is rarely in stock though. LC70 is available in 4500 cc V8 VDJ engine in Right Hand Drive from our Australia office though occasionally also avaiable in V6 4200 cc as well. Land Cruiser 70 in Left hand Drive is available in 4200 cc V6 diesel and 4000 cc Petrol configurations from our Dubai offfice.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 was introduced in late 2007. LC200 shares the Lexus LX 570’s platform and overall design. The frame was derived from the second-generation Tundra but shortened and strengthened by 20 percent. Bigger brake rotors and calipers were added and the front suspension was made heavier duty and underbelly was protected by skid plates. Also, the roof pillars were redesigned to better protect occupants in a rollover. Land Cruiser 200 became wildly popular after its release.

In Australia and New Zealand, Toytoa Land Cruiser 200 Series is offered in four different levels of trim: GXL, VX, Sahara and the all new GX in either 4500 cc Diesel or 4600 cc Petrol Gasoline engine. In Dubai Land Cruiser 200 is available in 400o, 4600 cc and 5700 cc.

Toyota Land Cruiser is on sale and for sale at world’s top Land Cruiser dealer and exporter, we are not just Dubai top Land Cruiser dealer and exporter, Australia top Land Cruiser dealer and exporter and United Kingdom’s top Land Cruiser dealer and exporter but also New Zealand Land Cruiser dealer and exporter and United States Land Cruiser dealer and exporter.

Land Cruiser is available In Right Hand Drive and Left Hand Drive and in new and used. Right Hand Drive Land Cruiser 70 and Right Hand Drive Land Cruiser 200 are available at our UK, Australia and New Zealand branches while Left Hand Drive Land Cruiser 70 and Left Hand Drive Land Cruiser 200 are on sale at Jim Autos Dubai and Jim Autos United States. Whether you are looking for Australian Land Cruiser, New Zealand Land Cruiser, United Kingdom Land Cruiser, Dubai Land Cruiser, You always get discounted prices on all Land Cruiser models at world’s best Toyota Land Cruiser dealer.


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