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Toyota Rush Thailand 2019

After its great popularity in the world, Toyota is introducing Toyota Rush in the mini SUV market to compete with Mitsubishi Xpander mini-SUV, Suzuki Ertiga and other mini-SUVs. Toyota Rush is far sportier, more luxurious and certainly, more powerful than its predecessor.

The all-new Toyota Rush is powered by a 1.5-litre 2NR-VE Dual VVT-i four-cylinder petrol engine (105 PS, 136 Nm) that is paired to either a four-speed automatic or five-speed manual. The all-new Toyota Rush continues to be a 2WD rear wheel driven SUV, suspended by a 5-link design and now fitted with a stabilizer bar. Toyota Rush is also known as Daihatsu Terios in some markets.

Toyota Rush is offered in 7-seater variant only, configured in 2-3-2 layout, with the second row following a 60:40 split, while the third row is 50:50. With the third row backrest folded down, there are 217 L (13,242 cu in) of storage space, which is expanded to 514 L (31,366 cu in) when tumbled up.

Some of its other features are:

  • LED head lamps and tail lamps
  • 17-inch wheels and tyres (215/60 R17)
  • Automatic air-conditioning with rear air-conditioning
  • 7-inch infotainment with MirrorLink
  • Smart Entry with Push start button

Toyota Rush Thailand 2019 Exterior

Toyota Hilux Rush is inspired by its big brother Toyota Fortuner. On the whole, it’s more sporty and appealing than the first-generation model. In truth, Toyota has made a revolutionary alteration on the outside, from the overall size to styling tweaks.

Point by point, the Rush is stretched out by 230 mm, so it now measures 4,435 mm x 1,695 mm x 1,705 mm (W x L x H). Besides, the wheelbase is also extended to 2,685 mm while the front-rear spacing is worth 1,450 mm. With the aim of remaining characteristics of a real SUV, the lowest ground clearance is as high as 220 mm.

All in all, these figures make the new Rush ready to hit the roads comfortably and safely as well as boosting more space for the inside.

Made to Last Beautiful Alloy Wheels

Beautiful alloy rims that exude toughness in looks and build so you can take your drive further.

Illuminate Your Journey with LED Smoke Headlamps and Front Foglights

Never lose sight of your path with the stylish LED smoke headlamps, with front fog lamps to help you find your way safely through bad weather conditions. 

*Available for the high-end variant only.

Stand out with Rear LED Combination Lamps

Leave a blazing trail with stunning LED lamps that also keep you safe by letting fellow motorists know where you are, even in bad weather conditions.

Extra Room with Roof Rails

Load up the Rush with large cargo that you can attach via the roof rails that gives you additional space.

High Ground Clearance

You won’t have to worry about damaging the undercarriage while going over rough terrain, speed bumps, or pot holes.

Toyota Rush Thailand 2019 Colors

Red Toyota Rush Thailand
Black Toyota Rush Thailand
Bronze Toyota Rush Thailand
Silver Mica Toyota Rush
White 2019 Toyota Rush

After its great popularity in the world,

Toyota Rush Thailand 2019 Interior

Toyota Rush is a stunning vehicle. The lavish interior reminds one of the interior of Toyota Innova and Toyota Fortuner. The most conspicuous is soft-coated front panel with refreshed dashboard design. A 7-inch touchscreen can connect with your smartphone and is supported by a set of eight speakers. Driver’s sitting position is lifted so as to provide a wider and commanding view for the driver while behind the wheel.

Steering wheel can be tilted and has controls on it . Smart start/stop button, dual air conditioning double and parking cameras are offered in both trims.

It is a mini-SUV only in name as it not only accommodates seven people but also your cargo. In the TRD Sportivo, every row seat comes with a power slot for phone charging and host of convenient gadgets. The cockpit looks exclusive with the beautiful automatic air conditioning system and nice looking console.

Smart Entry & Push Start

There’s no need to get the keys out, whether you’re getting in the new Rush or getting it on the road.

Lap of Luxury with Leather Seats

Sink into plush leather seats designed to make even the longest drives a pleasure. 

*Available for the top variant only.

Spacious 7 Seater

Configure the new Rush for any situation, whether it’s making space for more passengers or luggage. 

2nd row: 60:40 split-fold, sliding & reclining, and one-touch tumble 
3rd row: 50:50 split-fold and individual tumble

Wide Truck Opening Open Sesame!

Enjoy easy access to the spacious trunk of the Rush when loading large items.

Stay Cool with front and rear AC

Never lose your cool with multiple air vents that provide comfort even to rear passengers.

Added Convenience of 13 Cups

Turn the Rush into a living space that has 13 convenient storage compartments for drinks to keep you hydrated during long drives and heavy traffic.

Charge Up with USB Charging Port

Keep your devices charged throughout the whole journey with convenient USB ports.

Entertainment on the Go with the DVD-AUX Audio System with USB Mirroring

Breeze through long drives or heavy traffic with an entertainment system featuring a 6.8″ display AVX with USB/AUX, as well as Bluetooth® and USB-mirroring that gives you easy access to your phone’s features without losing sight of the road. 

*Functions may vary depending on smartphones 
**USB-mirroring works for updated Apple and Android smartphones

Toyota Rush Thailand 2019 Performance

Toyota Rush comes with a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder 2NR-VE engine with Dual VVT-i tuned up from the previous Veloz and Sienta. This engine gives a performance of 104 PS and 6,000 rpm with a peak torque of 136 Nm at 4,200 rpm.

This is an all new 16-valve engine has 10% better fuel economy than the engine it replaced.

The new engine is paired with either a 4-speed automatic transmission or a 5-speed manual. The Rush SUV features a rear-wheel drive system so uphill task would be easier than front-wheel drive, 4WD currently is not available. Electronic power steering technology makes steering fun. Hill-Start Assist technology keeps car stable and you safe.

Suspension system is a lot smoother thanks to its MacPherson Strut front suspension married to Stabilizer and Coil Spring. Ride is now softer and you can drive on any road comfortably. The beautiful 215/65 R16 and 215/60 R17 alloy wheels with elegant tires for the G and TRD Sportivo give an elegance to the car.

The Heart of Your Drive – 2NR-VE Engine with Dual VVT-i

2NR-VE (1.5L) 
Engine: 4-cylinder, In-line, 16-valve DOHC with Dual VVT-i 
Max. output: 105PS/6,000 RPM 
Max. torque: 136NM/4,200 RPM

Seamless Steering – Tight Turning Radius

Manoeuvre the Rush out of tight corners and narrow spots with ease, thanks to its tight turning radius of 5.2m.

Toyota Rush Thailand 2019 Safety

On top of the six airbags, ), additional safety features are as follows:

  • 6 SRS Airbags
  • ISOFIX anchor points
  • Secured Hill-Start Assist (HSA)
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC
  • Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Emergency Brake Signal (EBS)
  • Parking Signal
  • Solid Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and more Forward Collision Warning (FCW) with Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)
  • Panoramic view camera (360-degree)
  • Blind spot monitor (BSM) and rear cross traffic alert (RCTA)

Intelligent Prevention through Rush Pre-Collision

The Pre-collision Warning and Braking System automatically alerts you with a buzzer and applies the brakes if there is an increasing risk of frontal collision. When there is a stationary vehicle in front of you, the Front Departure Alert notifies you if the vehicle at the front moves ahead. 

Pedal Misoperation Control suppresses engine output if you accidentally step on the accelerator pedal, reducing collision damage from obstacles ahead due to sudden acceleration. 

– Pre-collision Warning 
– Pre-collision Braking 
– Front Departure Alert 
– Pedal Missoperation Control 

Stay Protected with 6 SRS Airbags

Enjoy a safer drive with the Rush, equipped with 6 airbags that can keep you and your loved ones safe.

Extra Protection with Blind Spot Monitor and Rear Cross Traffic Alert

An indicator appears on the side-view mirror when there is an object in your blind spot, while the Rear Cross Traffic Alert notifies you of people or vehicles passing behind you.

Park with East with Panoramic View Monitor

Slide the Rush into any parking spaces smoothly and accurately with the Panoramic View Monitor that gives you a bird’s eye view of your vehicle.

A Walk in the Park with Front and Rear Parking Sensors

Manoeuvre the new Rush into any space effortlessly with front and rear parking sensors.

HIll Start Assist Control

Keep your vehicle from rolling back on a steep slope with the HAC. When you lift your foot off the brake pedal, pressure is maintained just before the accelerator is pressed.

Optimal Stability with Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Traction Control (TRC)

The VSC prevents vehicle from spinning and provides optimal stability in varying road and weather conditions by applying brakes to the wheels individually to prevent oversteer or understeer. 

TRC provides more traction when accelerating on slippery surfaces by applying brakes individually to each wheel and reducing engine power to reduce wheel spin for more traction.

Constant Vigilance with Digital Video Control

Stay alert even when you’re away from your car with the front-view DVR that records footage in case of emergencies.

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