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All New Toyota Hilux Revo 2019 2020 and Toyota Hilux Vigo On Sale. Thailand Pickup Truck Exporter and Dealer Jim offers cars, pickups, SUV, vans, trucks, buses RHD LHD at cheapest prices from Thailand, Australia, UK, Dubai UAE. 2016 Mitsubishi Triton and 2016 Nissan Navara NP300 On Sale. 2016 Toyota Hilux Revo and 2016 Toyota Fortuner On Sale

By Jack A. Kates

Toyota Hilux Revo and Vigo Hilux at Thailand-largest-4x4-showroomWarm welcome to Jim Autos – Thailand’s top pick-up truck 4WD exporter of 2016 Toyota Hilux RevoToyota Hilux Vigo, 2016 Toyota Fortuner2016 Nissan Navara NP300, 2016 Mitsubishi L200 Triton and top 4WD SUV exporter of 2016 Toyota Fortuner, 2016 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Thailand, Toyota Prado and Toyota Land Cruiser.

We export full range of new 2019 2020 2017 and used Right Hand Drive and Left Hand Drive Thailand pickup trucks, SUVs and commercial trucks and full range of vehicles from our Dubai UAE, Australia and England UK offices.

We specialize in export of tax-free vehicles at lowest prices to not only dealerships, non-profits, NGOs, armoring companies, mining companies, contruction, oil and gas exploration companies, diplomats, police departments, armies and governments but also individuals.

For 108 years our companies have provided greatest quality vehicles at great prices, great speed of delivery and great service with honesty, integrity and professionalism. An email at [email protected] will connect you to not only Thailand’s top 4×4 dealer and exporter but also top dealer and exporter of RHD vehicles from Australia, Singapore, Japan and United Kingdom and LHD vehicles from Dubai UAE and United States.

Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand and used Toyota Hilux Vigo are our biggest export from Thailand and Dubai and as the title shows, we are very proud of this fact but when it comes to other 4×4 pickup trucks as Ford Ranger Wildtrak, Nissan Navara NP300, Mazda BT-50 Eclipse and Isuzu Dmax we are also in the fore-front of their export. We also export full range of Thai commercial trucks and buses as Mitsubishi Fuso Light Duty, Medium Duty and Heavy-Duty Commercial Trucks, Isuzu Commercial truck, Nissan UD trucks and Hino trucks and buses as well. Beside pickups and SUVs, we also export sedans, luxury cars, minibuses, vans and station wagons from UK, Australia, Japan and Dubai.

2016 Toyota Hilux Revo Major Change Next Generation Hilux available now as well as New 2018 2019 Toyota Hilux Revo Minor Change

2016-Toyota-Hilux-Revo-black-frontPickup market was abuzz with rumors of all kinds about the Next Generation New Model Major Change 2016 Toyota Hilux 2017 Revo and now that it is finally here, the demand for new Hilux is coming from all corners of the globe. The big news is that Toyota Hilux will no longer be called Vigo in Thailand but will be named Revo. The long awaited 2016 Toyota Hilux New Model Revo 2017. New Revo Hilux looks very curvaceous and a new re-think of Hilux traditional look. The grill in front are two slimmer horizontal bars going all the way to the headlights, the rear curves inward much like Triton. Rear bumper is much nicer looking and side step is more discreet. It will probably be revealed in December and released in February. DRL (Daylight running lights) are a nice touch.

Here is a summary of Toyota Hilux Revo features:

  • Four engines, including two newly developed 2400 cc and 2800 cc GD turbo diesel engines and two Petrol engines: 2700 cc and 4000 cc Gasoline Dual VVT-i engines. 4000 cc only available from Australia
  • New six-speed manual and automatic transmissions
  • Thicker, stronger frame and off-road protection
  • Toyota Australia developed rugged suspension package
  • Available in Single Cab in 4WD for the first time
  • Smart Cab (Extra Cab) Toyota Hilux Revo available in 2WD, 2WD Hi-Rider Prerunner (2WD raised to the height of a 4WD) and 4WD. 2WD is expected to be RWD
  • Advanced comfort, safety and convenience
  • Increased towing capacity up to 3.5 tonnes and payloads of up to 1240kg.
  • Increased ride comfort makes long drives less grueling
  • Quieter cabin allows communication in even the roughest climate and toughest terrain
  • Improved fuel efficiency allows one to not only save money but to also take long trips without worrying about refueling

A lot of new diesel pickups Major change  2016 Mitsubishi L200 Triton and 2016 Nissan Navara NP-300 are now as well as 2016 2017 Ford Ranger, 2016 Mazda BT-50, 2016 Ford Ranger Wildtrak and SUVs as 2016 Toyota Fortuner and 2016 Ford Everest SUV are out.

Much anticipated new Major Change 2015 Toyota Hilux Revo Model was revealed in mid 2015 as the 2015 Major Change Toyota Hilux Revo Vigo and as 2016 Major Change Toyota Revo in Thailand. Not only has the exterior and interior of the vehicle been revamped but also the engines. D-4D Hilux engine will be replaced by all-new Toyota ESTEC Inline 4 Cylinder GD 2400 cc clocking at 150PS (148hp) and 167PS (165hp) and 2800 cc diesel engine with 177PS (175hp) and 2700 cc Dual VVT-i Petrol engine with 166PS (164hp).


2016-Toyota-Hilux-Revo-black-front-sideToyota has refreshed the




2014 model Vigo Champ was a minor change Toyota Hilux and it is now on sale in used at a fantastic price. Toyota release of the all new 2019 2020 Toyota Hilux Vigo Champ Minor Change Model was a welcome move. You can purchase either the used 2016 2017 Toyota Hilux Vigo Minor Change Facelift Model or the used 2015, 2014, 2013 Toyota Vigo at a discounted price.

2015 Nissan Navara NP300 and 2015 Mitsubishi L200 Triton Released and available for export at Jim Thailand

2015-Nissan-Navara-NP300 Major Change Next Generation Model in stock at Thailand top Navara dealer Jim AutosMitsubishi has released Next Generation Major Change Mitsubishi Triton L200 and Nissan has released New Generation All New Major Change 2016 Nissan Navara NP300. This Next Generation Nissan Pickup Truck and Mitsubishi pickup trucks 2016 2017 model can be purchased at Thailand top pickup truck dealer and exporter Jim. Mazda has also released 2016 Mazda BT-50.

Availability is limited so please book your NP300 Navara now to get your hands at this great feat of good-looking engineering. 2016 Navara NP300 Thailand is available in two 4 cylinder engines: 2500 cc DOHC Diesel (161 hp @ 3,600 rpm and 403 Nm @ 2,000 rpm) and 2500 cc Petrol (188 hp and 450 Nm). Navara is available in 6 speed manual or a 7 speed automatic gearbox. Both 4×2 and 4×4 Nissan Navara are available. Whether you are looking for Single Cab, Extra Cab or Double cab Navara NP300 it is available for quick export to your country of choice. NP300 is available in two new colours: Earth Bronze and Savannah Yellow. Leather seating and high res TFT display in the interior is supplemented by rear ac vents, airbags, ABS, on the fly shift to 4×4 mode from 4×2 mode, VDC- vehicle dynamic control, HSA – hill start assist, HDC – hill decent assist, ABLS – active brake limited slip.

Orders and pouring on for this thing of beauty. It is tall, handsome, fast and furious and ready for action. In the inside of the truck you forget that you are inside a truck as it feels more like a luxury SUV than a 4WD beast of burden. When in action in the wilderness you forget that it is also a luxurious and comfortable vehicle.


Nissan has been making pickups for the past 80 years so it has learned a thing or two about pickup truck design. Its 14 million loyal customers worldwide are a testament to its quality. Navara NP300 Brand new engines offer not only greater fuel efficiency and better emissions but also greater performance and quick acceleration. It achieves greater speed because of its lower body mass which is a feat of engineering as the vehicle is now taller and pickup bed is larger though roof height has been reduced.

2015-Mitsubishi-L200-Triton-front2016 Mitsubishi L200 Triton Major Change Next Generation Model has also been released and available for quick export. This fifth generation Mitsubishi pickup truck looks very beautiful and price increase has been very modest. Double Cab is available in 2400 cc Diesel Manual and Auto and 2400 cc Petrol Manual.

2500 cc Diesel engine has been supplemented by the brand new 2400 cc turbodiesel MIVEC VGT engine. With its aluminium block married to electronic valve-timing control system called MIVEC, it gives a super-fast 182 horsepower and 430 Nm of torque with reported 20% better fuel efficiency. The biggest complaint diesel users have is of engine sound but not with this engine. Its optimised suspension, sound insulation, absorption and vibration damping dampens the noise level and improves problems with NVH (noise, harshness and vibration). As indicated earlier, 2400 cc Petrol is also available and gives 128hp and 194Nm and its biggest selling point is that it can be converted to work with CNG. New convenience items include electric seat for the driver, keyless system and more digital-friendly features.

Ford will be releasing its 2016 2017 Ford Ranger inlcuding wildly popular Ford Ranger Wildtrak in mid-2015. The new 2019 2020 Ranger is expected to benefit from a range of advanced technologies announced in the 2016 2017 Ford Everest SUV, which could include automatic emergency braking and a curve control system designed to keep the vehicle in control if it approaches a corner too quickly.

Thailand top 4×4 Pick-up Truck and 4WD SUV Exporter

2014-Ford-Ranger-Wildtrak-orange-frontLargest Thailand Toyota Hilux Vigo Exporter including the Vigo Champ model is also Thailand’s top exporter of all Thailand assembled 4WD pick-up trucks as Ford Ranger Wildtrak shown here, Mitsubishi L200 Triton, Nissan Navara, Mazda BT-50, Isuzu Dmax, Chevy Colorado or Tata Xenon.

Even though we have made our name with 4×4 Japanese and American trucks built in Thailand we also export a fair share of 4WD SUVs as Toyota Fortuner, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, Chevy Trailblazer and Isuzu MU-7. We also provide forklifts, towing tractors, excavator and full range of construction and farming equipment. Jim offers full range of luxury and sports cars from all major manufacturers in RHD and LHD as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce and others. If you are looking for minivans, light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty commercial trucks or small and large buses we also carry full range in RHD and LHD for all your trucking needs.

New 2019 2020 Toyota Hilux Revo and Used 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005 and 2004 Toyota Hilux Thailand, Dubai UAE, UK, Australia

2014 Toyota Hilux Vigo Thailand Next Generation pickup truck in stockUsed 2019 2020 Toyota Hilux Vigo Champ Minor Change with its new sleek black panel was the biggest selling sensation. Please purchase your 2014, 2015 Vigo in RHD and new 2019 2020 LHD now at [email protected] Toyota Vigo Hilux Thailand remains our biggest seller and we export both Toyota Vigo Smart Cab and Toyota Vigo Hilux Double Cab, not to mention the Toyota Hilux Vigo Single Cabin. We also plan to offer Next Generation New Model 2015 Toyota Hilux Vigo Major Change Model. Details are trickling in and you can stay updated by following our 2015 Hilux page. It includes spyshots of a 2015 Toyota Hilux spotted on Thailand back roads.

Toyota Hilux is our best seller not only in Thailand office but also in our Singapore, United Kingdom and Dubai office. Only in our Australia office sales of Hilux lag behind sales of Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota Prado. But even in our Australia office sales of new Hilux 4000 cc and used Toyota Hi Lux outstrip sales of all other used vehicles. New 2019 2020 Toyota Hilux Vigo Minor Change and new 2019 2020 Toyota Fortuner are available now. Just as we have exported every new year Hilux the week of their official release, we are planning to do the same for 2015 Toyota Hilux.

Buy Best Used Cars Thailand, Cheap Used Cars from Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, Dubai UAE, Japan and USA

Best used cars are available at cheapest price in the world. jim is new car specialist and used car specialist. We sell not only used cars, used pickup trucks, used Sport Utility Vehicles, used Multipurpose Vehicles, used vans, used minibuses, used trucks, used buses, used forklifts, used cranes, used construction equipment, used farming equipment, used armored cars, used fire trucks, used ambulance and used vehicles of all kinds but also new vehicles. Find used cars and new cars for sale in our worldwide offices. Buy best used Right Hand Drive vehicles from our Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Singapore and Japan and Left Hand Drive vehicles from our Dubai UAE and United States offices. Buying a used car can be the fastest, simplest and cheapest way to your ideal car if you choose to buy from a reliable car supplier. If you buy from a wrong exporter you may end up struck with a lemon. Used Car, Spare parts and accessories from all major brands. We provide not only used Toyota, used Mitsubishi, used Nissan, used Mazda, used Ford, Used GM Chevrolet and used Tata. Second Hand vehicles in Bangkok, Thailand are easy to get if you have the right partner. All our used vehicles go through a vigorous 10 point inspection. We can also do luxury and VIP conversion of any vehicle.

World’s Top Car Exporter of taxfree RHD and LHD luxury cars, sport cars, pickups, SUVs, vans, trucks, buses and machinery

United Kingdom, Australia, United States, Thailand Dubai top luxury sport car dealer exporterWith branches in Thailand, Singapore, Dubai UAE and United Kingdom and offices in Australia, Japan and United States Jim can provide any RHD or LHD vehicle of your choice at lowest possible prices. We offer full range of Right Hand Drive and Left Hand Drive vehicles from cars to pickup trucks to Sport Utility Vehicles to Multi Purpose Vehicles (MPV) to minbus to executive vans to commercial trucks to buses to forklifts to construction equipment to machinery of every kind.

Top Provider of Ambulances, Fire Trucks, Armoured and Terrorism Response Vehicles

We also provide full range of specialized vehicles as ambulances, fire trucks, armoured vehicles and specialized counter-terrorism equipment, vehicles and supplies. We live in a dangerous world and Jim is equipped to help your law enforcement officers, towns and cities deal with any kind of threat. Whether you require a small special purpose SWAT vehicle for high-risk entries, HAZMAT units, Advanced terrorism response vehicle or Advanced Rescue Units, we can provide highly specialized custom-built units for you.

World’s Top Tyre Exporter

We sell not only vehicles, machinery, equipment, spare parts, performance parts. lights and accessories but also all sizes of new and used tyres of all kinds and all major brands. Bridgestone, Yokohama, Dunlop, Toyo, Goodyear, Michelin are just some of the brands we export and if you want our house brand we can also provide it at a deep discount. Jim carries complete range of Automobile Tyre & Tubes specialized from car radial tyres, pickup truck tyres, SUV tyres, MPV tyres, Light & Heavy Truck and Bus Tires both in Bias and Radial types, motorcycle tyres, three wheeler tires, LCV tyres, Agricultural Tyres, industrial tyres, Off The Road (OTR) Tires and Construction and Mining vehicle tyres. We have a tyre for all seasons and all purposes in new and used so whether you are looking for radial, OTR, PCR, LTR or TBR you have come to the right place. We can also provide tyre scrap of all kinds.

Toyota Hilux Vigo Champ in Thailand and Toyota Hilux Revo in Thailand

New 2019 2020 Toyota Hilux Revo has revived the Hilux Franchise as it is a MAJOR change model in all respects. 2019 2020 Toyota Vigo Hilux Champ Thailand injected some life in the Vigo Thailand franchise and demand from customers have been unprecedented. It is available now for quick delivery at Thailand Toyota Vigo Hilux exporter. 2012 was a record year for new models as almost all manufacturers had issued new models including: 2013 Mitsubishi L200 Triton, 2013 Nissan Navara, 2013 Isuzu Dmax, 2013 Ford Ranger, 2013 Mazda BT-50, 2013 Chevy Colorado and 2013 Toyota Fortuner, 2013 Chevy Trailblazer and the list goes on. 2014 model have just been updated and they are selling briskly as customers look forward to 2017 Toyota Hilux, 2017 Toyota Fortuner and other 2017 and 2018 pick-up trucks and 2019 2020 Sport Utility Vehicles.

Toyota Vigo Thailand Hilux is available in 2WD Single Cab, 2WD Extra Cab, 4WD Extra Smart Cab, 2WD Double Cab and 4WD Double Cab. Jim is Thailand’s top Single Cab exporter, Thailand’s top Hilux Extra Cab exporter and Thailand’s top Vigo Double Cab exporter. We are exporter of not only new Revo Hilux Champ but also of used Vigo 4×4 in Single Cab, Smart Cab and Double Cab. used Extra Cab though is very short in supply. We can supply new and used Hilux not only from our Thailand office but also England United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Dubai. Email now at [email protected].

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