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2022 2023 Ford Ranger & Ford Ranger Wildtrak RHD and LHD on Sale

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By Jack A. Kates

2022 Ford Ranger has gone through a major change after 11 long years. Its front fascia with C-shaped LED headlights is similar to Ford Maverick.

Ford has extended the wheelbase by nearly two inches by moving the front wheels forward, this not only gives passengers in the back more legroom, but also improves approach angle.

A new hydro-formed structure has freed up more space in the engine bay for a larger V6 turbodiesel engine.

2022 Ford Ranger has also been widened in the back by two inches to give us a more spacious load area. Side steps give easy access to the bed.

The 2022 Ranger gets 360-degree lighting and a smart tailgate that can double as a mobile workbench with a built-in ruler.

Ford Ranger’s interior has been completely revamped. At its heart is the SYNC4 infotainment system with either a 10.1- or 12-inch touchscreen. The 2022 2023 Ranger also gets a fully digital instrument cluster.

The bulky gear lever of the previous generation is gone, replaced by a fancier controller with a far more modern design. You also get a redesigned drive mode selector and an electric handbrake as you’d expect from a vehicle coming in 2022. Ford says the driver and passengers will feel as if they are in a regular car rather than a utilitarian vehicle thanks to soft-touch materials and a vast array of amenities. For a smoother ride, the rear suspension dampers have been moved outboard of the frame rails.

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Ranger Wildtrak

This high-end Ranger is recognised by its distinctive features. Premium comfort and technologies give you better access to its features and technologies

Ranger Sport

Muscular and athletic, this sporty pickup will soon be sought after the world over for its good looks and luxurious interior

Ranger XLT

This family, work and play pickup truck is as comfortable in the daily chores as it is in the offload adventures

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