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Our family has prided itself on its unparalleled customer service since our inception in 1911. Generation after generation we have never wavered in our commitment to customer satisfaction and great value for our customer’s money. Customer’s best interests is at the heart of our every endeavor.

In this world of stiff competition it seems that no one seems to care, well we do. We care about our every customer and won’t do anything unethical or sell a lemon or push a product that is not required by them. We have created a culture of Customer Service that has become ingrained in our every executive and team member. It is not just a promise but our passion to excel in everything we do including customer service. Our great great grandfather established Asia’s longest running dealership with a dream of proving highest quality vehicles at lowest prices while providing a superior customer service. We will always keep realizing his dream.

Our Success Lies in your Success

We don’t take “our success lies in your success” as just a slogan but an everyday reality whose truth we have been experiencing for over a century. The more our customers have succeeded the more we have prospered. Unparalleled Customer service is the pivotal advantage we have over all other exporters.

Our customers know that we deliver what we promise so they can focus on their business. We pride ourselves on our hard earned reputation for delivering top quality automotive solutions for 11 decades.

Repeat and Referral Business

We have discovered that if you did right by your customer not just once but every time, they will do right by you. This is why the majority of our business is repeat business from our customers or their children and referral businesses from friends, peers and family members of our customers.

To us a customer is not a statistics but a real person like us and if we don’t make his concerns our concerns, we miss the vital feedback loop that help us be better not just for him or her but for us as a company. Our stratospheric Customer Retention is because of this genuine focus on customer satisfaction.

It is all about Relationships

There are those who believe that doing business is all about making money and they could not be farther than the truth. It is about creating deep relationship with not just the customers but also with our suppliers and our employees.

We invest time and care in our relationship with our suppliers. We know that they cannot stay in business if they don’t make profit so we never take advantage of leaner times to squeeze them out of business. We take a keen interest in streamlining their operations so they remain competitive. At the same time we make sure that they understand the importance we place on quality. They know that quality is one thing we never compromise on and over the past few decades of working with you they have also acquired our norms and values.

It is our relationship with the Customer that will determine our long-term viability so that relationship is at the heart of our every endeavor. This is why we have built strategic partnerships with our lifelong customers that span decades and to many of these companies, distributors and dealers we are just an extension of their respective companies that they can count on.

What some of our customers have to say – Testimonials!

“Received my Land Cruiser Sahara today. Can’t believe how luxurious it is and what a fun to drive. I will definitely be recommending you guys. Keep up the good work. Next year my brother is planning to buy a Hilux and he will definitely be in touch with you. Please give him a good deal too. His name is Bupe which means “gift” in our language and he is joking that you will give him a Hilux as a bupe. :-)”

Chibwe Banda

Lusaka, Zambia

“I’m falling in love with you guys. You know I had been working with [name deleted] for over 10 years so it took a leap of faith to start business with you on urging of a dealer friend I met at a business lunch. Though I have only purchased from you three times but each time you overdid yourself, every time the vehicles are better than last time. I loved it when you called me to tell me that price had come down and sent me a revised invoice to reflect the savings. I have been a dealer for over 23 years and this has never happened to me so guys I’m sold on you guys. This is just a quick note, it is late night over there so am not going to be rude to call you but please expect my call by your afternoon. I have a proposition for you that I know you will like. By the way, Peter says hi!”

Roh Patel

Mombasa, Kenya

“We received all 15 vehicles today. I know I was asking for the impossible to deliver the vehicles to us in 35 days but don’t know how you pulled this miracle. My boss is very happy to put it mildly. We had received a big order and now can fill it within the allotted time. We might have another order for you in two months, if – cross fingers – we are as efficient as you in completing this order to our customer’s satisfaction. Meanwhile please give my sincere thanks to your entire team. Did you hear from Paul from our sister company?”

Luuk Jansen

Maputo, Mozambique

“Hello Mr Jack, a great day to you and your staff. I received my Ranger Wildtrak last week and am very happy. It is awesome and fantastic and my family loves it. It doesnt just look great it is also very comfortable. My son was driving it at very high speed yesterday and a man came on the road from nowhere but my son was able to stop it in time. I thanked God that I took your advise and went with Ranger. I will definitely be buying from you next year and after this experience I know my son will be buying from you son given his harrowing experience yesterday. Also thank you for your birthday wishes on my Facebook timeline. It was much appreciated.”

Tae (Tim) Bauro


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