Hino FC9JEKA – Series 5 10 Ton GVW

Hino Series 5 10 Ton FC9

Six Wheel 4×2 truck FC9 is available in following six models:

Hino FC9JEKA (T&S) 9,900 kg GVW 6900 Payload 5,123 cc 145 hp 4,285 mm
Hino FC9JJKA 10,100 kg 5,123 cc 145 hp 5,635mm
Hino FC9JELA (T&S) 9,900 kg 5,123cc 175 hp 4,285 mm
Hino FC9JELA (T-F/W PTO) 9,900 kg 5,123cc 175 hp 4,285 mm
Hino FC9JJLA Radial Tube 10,100 kg 5,123 cc 175 hp 5,635 mm
Hino FC9JLLA Radial Tube 10,200 kg 5,123 cc 175 hp 6,625 mm


Efficiency and gear ratio
FC9JEKA modelSlow gearFast gear
maximum speed96 km / h113 km / h
Steepness% (degrees)41.4% (23 degrees)33.9% (19 degrees)
Gear ratioGear 18.190
2nd gear5.072
Gear 32.981
4th gear1.848
Gear 51.343
Gear 61.000
Reverse gear7.619
Rear axle gear ratio4.6253.900
Engine: Hino Model J05E-TD
Maximum horsepower (EEC Net):107 kW (145 horsepower) when the engine spins 2,500 cycles / minute
Maximum torque (EEC Net)437 Newton meters (44.6 kg meters) when the engine spins 1,500 cycles / minute
model4-stroke diesel engine, 4-cylinder, vertical alignment Overhead Camshaft Cooled by water Turbo inter cooler
Fire Fighting System:Common rail controlled by computer system
Burning system:Direct injection type
Cylinder diameter x Stroke range:112 x 130 mm
Cylinder capacity:5,123 CC
Compression ratio:17.0
Exhaust standardEuro 3
Pattern:Dry one sheet Controlled by a hydraulic system with pressure to help
Gross vehicle weight (GVW)9,900 kg
Chassis weightpage1,895 kg
after1,090 kg
Total2,985 kg
Super narrow turning radiusAt the tire5,500 mm
At the outermost part of the hood6,200 mm
The minimum distance of the car (Measured at the rear axle)220 mm
Number of seats3
A Wheel RangeF Submission
B total lengthG frame height at the front axle
C Total widthH frame height at the rear axle
D total heightI the distance between the center of the front wheel
E after the hood to the rear wheel centerJ distance between the rear wheels
E ‘after the hood to the end of the chassisK chassis width
Transmission system: 6 gears, forward gears, 2-6 synchronous gears
Weight support system
Rear axle:All floating Single gear High gear type
Load-bearing performance7,000 kg
Front axle:“I” shaped steel beams
Load-bearing performance3,700 kg
Braking system:Hydraulic consists of a pair of conductor brakes acting on every hydraulic pressure wheel. 2 independent circuits.
Handbrake:Brake break mechanism Act on the middle shaft
Exhaust brake:Working with pressure Electrically controlled
Steering system:Rotating bearing There is a hydraulic system to help relieve stress.
Suspension system
page :Tweezers and shock absorbers
After:Tweezers and tweezers help
Wheels and tires
Wheel type6.00GS x 16 inch diameter, 6 wheel nut
Tire size:8.25-16-14 floor
gas tank :100 liters
Chassis beamStep-shaped steel “]”
Cab headWelded forming steel Using 2-layer safety glass “Laminated”
electrical equipment
Battery:2 children, each 12 volts, 120 amperes – hours when the charge rate is 20 hours
electricity generator :AC 24 volts 60 amperes
air conditioner :DENSO (factory standard installation)
Safety equipment:Steering wheel airbag
Optional equipmentRoof spoiler

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