Mitsubishi Fuso FI Trucks Thailand

Mitsubishi has now introduced all new FI Truck range. The Fuso F1 1217 is the newest Fuso truck built to maximize the customers’ profitability. Featuring a longer chassis with high ground clearance means that the truck can carry heavy loads and that it excels even in hilly terrains as it moves with ease.

  • More fuel- efficient, electronically controlled common rail engine
  • Aerodynamic cab design saves fuel
  • Smooth-shifting over drive transmission reduces driver fatigue
  • Short turning radius for outstanding maneuverability
  • Spacious and safe cabin offers more comfortable trip

Fuso Canter FI 1217C Dump

Fuso Canter FI 1217C is the Dump Truck. 6 Wheeled truck with 170 hp. 6 speed manual transmission with 6 forward gear and 1 reverse gear

Fuso Canter FI 1217R Cargo

Fuso Canter FI 1217R is the Cargo Truck, it is also a 6 wheel truck with 170 hp and come with 6 speed manual transmission with 6 forward and 1 reverse gear

Fuso FI 1217C

Front View

Fuso FI 1217C

Side View

Fuso FI 1217C

rear side

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