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Thailand Duty Free Car Experts. Thailand #1 Car Exporter to Thailand, Australia, UK, Dubai Exporter to Thailand in South East Asia. Thailand Pickup Truck Exporter Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand and Toyota Hilux Vigo Thailand on sale. Australia Dubai Prado Land Cruiser Lexus On Sale

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Thailand, Australia, UK, Dubai Car Exporter to Thailand

Jim Autos is a family owned and family operated dealership and car exporter that prides itself on customer service and supplies full range of Right hand drive and Left hand drive vehicles from its worldwide destinations in Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Europe, Dubai, Oman, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan.

Price, quality and service is the secret to lifelong customers in countryOur great grandfather established Asia’s first dealership in 1911 on four principles of honesty, great price, great quality and great service and every generation has been keeping his promise one deal at a time. We take great pride in being Asia’s longest running dealership and prove it by providing exceptional deals on outstanding quality vehicles with unprecedented service. It is no surprise that we are trusted the world over and not only people from Thailand, South East Asia and Asia rely on us for their automotive needs but we have lifelong customers in every continent of this planet. Don’t take just our word for it, please check our Testimonials and see why our family of customers keep coming back to us generation after generation.

Thailand Continent: Asia Thailand Region: South East Asia Thailand RHD/LHD: Thailand is a Right Hand Drive Country.
Thailand Currency: Thai baht Thailand Currency Code: THB Thailand GDP Per Capita PPP: Thailand
Thailand Country Abbreviation: Thailand Thailand Dialing Code: Thailand Thailand UTC Time Offset: Thailand
Major Cities in Thailand Bangkok Samut Prakan Chiengmai Udon Thani
Major Ports in Thailand Laem Chabang Bangkok Phuket Songkhla
Google Map Thailand

Top Twenty Reasons to Choose Jim

Let us briefly highlight what you will receive when you become part of the Jim 4×4 family…

  1. Asia’s oldest running dealership: Serving customers since 1911
  2. Thailand’s most trusted car, pickup truck and SUV dealer and its oldest and largest auto exporter
  3. In-depth Auto Experience: Only Thai, Australian, Japan, United States, United Kingdom and Dubai auto exporter with in-depth auto experience
  4. Recognized: Only Thai auto exporter recognized by Chamber of Commerce and acclaimed in all countries of operation including Thailand
  5. Family-owned and family-operated for more than a century
  6. Diversity of Customers: Serving distributors, dealers, corporations, NGOs, UN, governments, militaries, mining companies, oil exploration concerns, construction companies, expats and individuals
  7. Diversity of Markets: Exporting to over 100 countries in the world
  8. Value for your money: Our factory direct purchasing allows us to buy in bulk and pass savings to our customers
  9. Fresh Stock: We sell fresh stock of vehicles of latest months and we never pass demo or test vehicles as new
  10. Quick Delivery in money in your bank! We ship vehicles faster than all our competitors
  11. Customer in Control: With Jim you remain in control of the process from the first email to the landing of vehicle on your doorstep
  12. Stability: Our financial and workforce stability and our impeccable 108 years track record has allowed us to grow with our customers
  13. Long-term price competitiveness: We offer lowest overall prices all through the years. We won’t bait and switch or bundle lower quality high mileage car or products to make one-time sale. We want a lifelong relationship with our customers
  14. We deliver on our commitments: We under-promise and over-deliver and we always fulfill our commitments. We deal with you the same way before you send the money and after you have sent the money and in good times and in times of shortages
  15. We give you choices: We offer whole range of highest quality vehicles and accessories from our offices in United Kingdom, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, United States and Dubai
  16. Customer Delight: Customer Service was a top priority for our great-grandfather at the time of our founding and remains our cherished goal today
  17. Best Quality and Best Selection: We seek quality in our people, Quality in our processes, Quality in our services, quality in our vehicles and quality in our products
  18. Thailand’s most successful e-Business: We are not only Thailand’s largest auto exporter, we are also Thailand’s largest and most profitable e-Business
  19. Honesty: Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Professionalism are our core values since the time of our founding
  20. One Stop Solution: Jim Autos is your one-stop solution for all your automotive needs thanks to our presence in all automotive hubs

#1 Car Exporter in Thailand, #1 Car Exporter in Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore

Jim is not only #1 Car Exporter in Thailand but also #1 Car Exporter to Thailand #1 Car Importer to Thailand and Thailand and Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore exporter to South East Asia and Asia. Jim is top Thailand pickup truck exporter, Thailand Sport Utility Vehicle Exporter, Thailand MPV exporter, Thailand minivan exporter, Thailand commercial truck exporter and Thailand bus exporter. We also export cars, pickup trucks, SUV, MPV, minibuses, vans, commercial trucks, buses, motorbikes, construction equipment, farming equipment, boats, military equipment, armored cars and machinery to not only Thailand, South East Asia and Asia but the entire world with the exception of North Korea.

Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore Pickup Truck Exporter to Thailand

USA, Thailand, Australia, Dubai Pickup Truck Exporter to ThailandJim is Thailand Pickup Truck Exporter, Australia Pickup Truck Exporter, Dubai Pickup Truck Exporter, United Kingdom Pickup Truck Exporter, United States Pickup Truck Exporter, Japan Pickup Truck Exporter, Singapore Pickup Truck Exporter, Hong Kong Pickup Truck Exporter, Europe Pickup Truck Exporter, and Dubai Pickup Truck Exporter. Jim exports not only new pickup trucks but also used pickup trucks.

Toyota Hilux Revo Rocco Thailand for sale in Thailand2019 Ranger Raptor Thailand is a big hit in Thailandand AsiaToyota Hilux is world’s most popular pickup truck because of its indestructibility, great looks, superior quality, robust frame, latest technologies and luxury feel. These very reasons make Hilux especially Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand and Toyota Hilux Vigo Thailand popular in Thailand. Toyota Hilux Toyota Pickup is the best selling pickup car in Bangkok, Thailand and all across Asia and most of the Toyota Hilux imported in Thailand is imported and exported by Jim and its worldwide subsidiaries.

Jim exports full range of pickup trucks including not only Toyota Hilux Revo, Toyota Hilux Vigo, Ford Ranger, Ford Ranger, Ford Ranger Wildtrak, Ford Ranger Raptor, Nissan Navara NP-300, Mazda BT-50, Isuzu Dmax and Chevy Colorado but also Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Tundra, Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, GMC Canyon, Nissan Titan and Honda Ridgeline. Jim has won a mindshare in Thailand because of our service, price and quality over decades of exporting to Thailand and our popularity is not limited to just the Bangkok but we have customers in Samut Prakan, Chiengmai and Udon Thani as well. Jim is not just Thailand top car exporter to Thailand but also Australia car exporter to Thailand, United Kingdom car exporter to Thailand and Dubai UAE car exporter to not just Thailand but South East Asia and Asia as well. Jim is Thailand Car Import and Export expert from Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore.

Information about Thailand in Wikipedia

Wikipedia article on Thailand has the following to say about Thailand:

Thailand is a unitary state at the center of the Southeast Asian Indochinese peninsula composed of 76 provinces. At 513,120 km2 and over 68 million people, Thailand is the world’s 50th largest country by total area and the 21st-most-populous country. The capital and largest city is Bangkok, a special administrative area. Thailand is bordered to the north by Myanmar and Laos, to the east by Laos and Cambodia, to the south by the Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia, and to the west by the Andaman Sea and the southern extremity of Myanmar. Its maritime boundaries include Vietnam in the Gulf of Thailand to the southeast, and Indonesia and India on the Andaman Sea to the southwest. Although nominally a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy, the most recent coup in 2014 established a de facto military dictatorship.Tai peoples migrated from southwestern China to mainland Southeast Asia from the 11th century; the oldest known mention of their presence in the region by the exonym Siamese dates to the 12th century. Various Indianised kingdoms such as the Mon, the Khmer Empire and Malay states ruled the region, competing with Thai states such as Ngoenyang, the Sukhothai Kingdom, Lan Na and the Ayutthaya Kingdom, which rivaled each other. European contact began in 1511 with a Portuguese diplomatic mission to Ayutthaya, one of the great powers in the region. Ayutthaya reached its peak during cosmopolitan Narai’s reign (1656?88), gradually declining thereafter until being ultimately destroyed in 1767 in a war with Burma. Taksin quickly reunified the fragmented territory and established the short-lived Thonburi Kingdom. He was succeeded in 1782 by Buddha Yodfa Chulaloke, the first monarch of the Chakri dynasty and founder of the Rattanakosin Kingdom, which lasted into the early 20th century.Through the 18th and 19th centuries, Siam faced pressure from France and the United Kingdom, including forced concessions of territory, but nevertheless it remained the only Southeast Asian country to avoid direct Western rule. Following a bloodless revolution in 1932, Siam became a constitutional monarchy and changed its official name to “Thailand”. While it joined the Allies in World War I, Thailand was an Axis satellite in World War II. In the late 1950s, a military coup revived the monarchy’s historically influential role in politics. Thailand became a major ally of the United States and played a key anti-communist role in the region. Apart from a brief period of parliamentary democracy in the mid 1970s, Thailand has periodically alternated between democracy and military rule. In the 21st century, Thailand endured a political crisis that culminated in two coups and the establishment of its current and 20th constitution by the military junta.Thailand is a founding member of ASEAN and remains a major ally of the US. Despite its comparatively sporadic changes in leadership, it is considered a regional power in Southeast Asia and a middle power in global affairs. With a high level of human development, the second largest economy in Southeast Asia, and the 20th largest by PPP, Thailand is classified as a newly industrialized economy; manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism are leading sectors of the economy.

Thailand Car Import Export Rules and Regulations

Car Import Export Rules and Regulation in ThailandPlease note that even though we have made a great effort in collecting this information about car import regulations in Thailand and it was correct at the time of its collection but since car import regulations in Thailand and Asia change often, this information is given only as a starting point for your research. This is not the definitive information on car import regulation in Thailand. Please re-investigate with relevant authorities when planning your purchase. When your research is complete, please contact Jim as Jim is the leader in Thailand car import and export and we can supply full range of vehicles to you in your budget.

Used Car Restriction in Thailand

Inspection Restriction in Thailand


Required Documents when importing in Thailand

  • Export Certificate
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Bill of Lading

Import Duty in Thailand

Please note that the information below is dated and Import duty and other taxes and dues are being revised so please check current duty and inform us so we may update this information.

Import Regulations in Thailand

A temporary import of personal vehicles for a short visit e.g. a motor vehicle, motorcycle, yacht, sports boat, or fishing vessel, etc. into Thailand by owners shall be grant tax/duty relief provided that they are to be re-exported within 1-2 months but not exceeding six months. Any persons intending to temporarily import personal vehicles e.g. a motor vehicle, motorcycle, yacht, sports boat, or fishing vessel, etc. have to closely observe the following Customs regulations and conditions. Clearance Procedures for a Temporary Import of Personal Vehicles:An importer/agent submits the Declaration Form and all supporting documents to the Customs office/house at the port of entry. It is also required that all fittings and accessories of the vehicle as well as passengers and accompanying luggage are declared to Customs at the time of entry.Customs verifies the Declaration Form and all supporting documents, allocates the Declaration number, and then set up a cash deposit or bank guarantee covering the full amount of liable taxes and duties.The importer/agent places the cash deposit or bank guarantee at a Cashier Office. Deposit of Guarantee:An importer is allowed to deposit a guarantee in a form of either cash deposit or a bank guarantee. However, for a temporary import of motorcycles via the Bangkok Customs Office and the Suvanabhumi International Airport Cargo Clearance Customs Office, the importer is allowed to offer himself as a guarantee.In case where the importer is unable to deposit a guarantee either in a form of a cash deposit or a bank guarantee, he/she may request the embassy to issue a letter to Customs for granting approval of the importers self-guarantee.The amount of a cash deposit and a guarantee calculated by Customs is determined on the basis of all liable taxes and duties to be paid to Customs.The importer/agent presents evidence of deposited guarantee to Customs.Customs inspects the vehicle and personal goods, then, returns one copy of the Simplified Goods Declaration to the importer/agent. Please note that the importer is required to retain the copy of the Simplified Goods Declaration and returns it to Customs upon exportation.New vehicles of all types not yet registered abroad are allowed to be imported without applying for an import permit from the Ministry of Commerce. However, for the vehicles with the weight less than 3500 Kgs., an importer needs to obtain an import permit from the Industrial Standard Institute. Note :For the importation of used/secondhand vehicles, an importer needs to obtain an import permit from the Foreign Trade Department of the Ministry of Commerce before the arrival of the vehicles otherwise he/she shall be liable to a fine equal to 10 percent of the price of vehicle but not less than 1,000 Thai Baht, or exceeding 20,000 Thai Baht. Criteria for a Permanent Import of Used/Secondhand Vehicles:An importer is eligible to import only ONE used/ secondhand vehicles for personal use.In case where the importer is a nonresident, he/she is required to stay in Thailand for at least ONE year and present a non-immigrant visa issued by the Immigration Bureau, the National Police Office together with a work permit issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare at the time of importation.In case where an importer is a Thai resident marrying a foreigner, he/she is required to present documentary evidence of marriage and proof of changing residence to Thailand. Also the importer has to own and possess the imported vehicle for at least one and a half year while staying abroad, from the date of transferring the ownership to the date of arrival into Thailand.In case where an importer is a Thai resident, he/she is allowed to import a vehicle only when such vehicle is accompanied the owner on the change of residence and he/she has owned and possessed the imported vehicle together with the valid driving license for at least one and a half year while staying abroad.

Transportation and Car Import Info for Thailand for Diplomats

This information is written for American diplomats primarily but is valid for all diplomats and non-profit NGO employees:

Employees with diplomatic titles may import a vehicle duty free at any time during a tour. Employees holding diplomatic titles may sell their privately owned vehicle after it has been registered to them in Thailand for two years. If the buyer does not possess duty-free privileges, the seller should be aware of certain tax liabilities. Currently, customs duty is assessed by the following formula: original price of the vehicle, adding 15 percent for shipping and insurance, then subtracting a depreciation value of 10 percent per year that the vehicle is in Thailand, multiply the depreciated value of the vehicle by 275.71 percent to obtain the customs duty assessment. No customs duty is assessed on imported vehicles that have been registered in Thailand for five years or more or on vehicles sold to persons with duty-free privileges. (This does not apply to motorcyles. Duty must be paid when selling to a non privleged buyer regardless of time in country). Due to high customs assessments on privately owned vehicles registered in Thailand less than five years, it is difficult to find Thai buyers. Sale to persons with duty-free import privileges is easier, although the market is smaller.Non-diplomatic personnel (members of the Embassy administrative and technical staff) may only import a vehicle during the first six months after arriving in Thailand. These vehicles cannot be sold until the employee is reassigned from Thailand. In rare circumstances (i.e., complete demolition of the car) the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has approved replacement of a vehicle by non-diplomatic personnel before the end of their tours in Thailand.Prior to final departure from Post, an employee must dispose of his/her privately owned vehicle by either export or sale. Employees must obtain permission to sell a vehicle from the Management Counselor in accordance with Title 22 of the Code of Federal Regulations Section 136.Newly assigned employees should notify the GSO Customs and Shipping Section immediately upon arrival that they have shipped a vehicle to Post. At that time, they must provide information for the proper identification of the vehicle so it can be cleared expeditiously through the various Thai Government Departments. Vehicles should not be shipped to Post too far in advance because Thai customs authorities will not clear vehicles until the employee is physically in country. Privately owned vehicles arriving at Post before the employee accrue storage charges for which the employee may be liable. Lengthy storage at the port of Bangkok could also result in damage from exposure.Thai law requires that all cars imported into Thailand have catalytic converters. If an employee’s car does not have one prior to shipping, it is usually possible to install a converter in Thailand; employees planning to ship a vehicle without a catalytic converter should contact the Embassy’s Customs and Shipping Office for details before shipping the car. Although there is a law limiting tinted windows it is generally not enforced. However, before shipping a vehicle with tinted windows please check with the Embassy for current regulations. Because traffic in Thailand moves on the left, right-hand drive vehicles are the norm and are safest for driving on open highways. However, left-hand drive cars may be shipped to Post and many employees use left-hand drive cars without problems in the cities.Because the hot, humid and polluted air makes driving with open windows unpleasant, air-conditioned vehicles are strongly recommended. Large cars or vans can be too tall or wide for some parking spaces and difficult to maneuver in narrow streets. They are also more costly to operate and difficult to sell. Japanese and European manufactured cars can be purchased locally, but there is often a 3-4 month wait for delivery.Duty-free gasoline and oil are sold through the Embassy’s American Community Support Association (ACSA). Unleaded gas is the standard throughout the country. A number of garages offer adequate automotive repair facilities. Labor costs are low, but most replacement parts for non-Japanese manufactured cars are expensive, and locally manufactured nonstandard parts are sometimes substituted for genuine parts. Owners of American and European cars might consider bringing essential replacement parts to Post or making contact with a dealer in the U.S. who is willing to mail parts to Bangkok. Tires are available locally at reasonable prices.Cars are required to have third party liability insurance which must be purchased in Thailand. Several firms in Bangkok and Chiang Mai offer third party liability as well as full comprehensive insurance coverage. The Embassy strongly recommends that employees carry full comprehensive insurance on their vehicles.Automobiles imported into Thailand must be registered with the Embassy’s GSO/C&S Section immediately upon arrival. The vehicle cannot be driven until it has Thai license plates affixed, which can take up to a month. All Embassy employees are required to obtain a Thai driver’s license through the GSO/C&S Section and renew it after a year. Upon the first renewal, the license will be valid for an additional five years. It can take up to 2 months to obtain a driver’s license, but if the employee has a valid U.S. or international driver’s license the embassy will issue a temporary driver’s letter.Rental cars are available in Bangkok and Chiang Mai and can be rented with or without a driver. Companies include Hertz, Budget and Avis and smaller local discount firms. Some employees manage very well without a car by depending on public transportation, such as air-conditioned taxis and buses which are readily available except late at night.Local Transportation Last Updated: 10/11/2004 10:32 PMMajor highways and roads in Thailand are generally good, although they are very congested in the larger cities, especially Bangkok. Located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, Bangkok has major drainage problems during the rainy season; smaller streets may flood, and large potholes and drain openings go unrepaired until the rainy season ends. Bangkok is connected to nearby cities with good four-lane expressways. Further afield, highways are primarily two lanes and employees are strongly cautioned not to drive at night.Bangkok traffic is heavy at all times of the day. For the newly arrived employee, Bangkok traffic can be truly intimidating with its mixture of buses, cars, three-wheeled “tuk-tuks,” (small two- or three-passenger open-air vehicles, whose name derives from the sound of their motors) and weaving motorcycles. However, those who venture onto the roads soon find that Bangkok’s streets can be negotiated as long as one exercises defensive driving and patience.Public transportation in Bangkok includes buses, taxis, motorcycle taxis, and three-wheeled “tuk-tuks”. In addition, the city’s metropolitan authority has opened an overhead commuter train system and is constructing a limited subway. Most members of the community using public transport rely on taxis and the Skytrain.Non-air-conditioned buses, while cheap (25 cents a ride), are almost always hot and often crowded. Air-conditioned buses are cleaner and more comfortable; they cost between 25 and 70 cents, depending on the distance of the trip. Buses operate on established schedules and run frequently on special bus lanes provided on the major streets of the city. Bus maps are available at bookstores and hotel newsstands.Taxis are generally air conditioned, and most now are metered, eliminating the need to negotiate one’s fare before entering the cab. Metered taxi fares begin at B35 and increase depending on the distanced traveled. Taxi drivers often do not speak English.The Skytrain has two lines and is easy to use. Skytrain personnel can generally speak some English. It operates on a card system similar to the Metro in Washington, D.C., and the cost ranges from 10 baht to 40 baht, depending on the number of stops traveled. It is widely used by tourists and weekend shoppers.The Subway system was opened July 2004. It has one line and operates on tokens or a “smart card”. The cost of the Subway ranges from 12 to 31 baht depending on the number of stops traveled. Subway personnel generally speak some English. It is widely used by local commutersTDY visitors to Post can arrange for reliable 24-hour airport limousine service at Don Muang International Airport to take them to their hotels in downtown Bangkok. Upon request, the Embassy can also arrange for a hotel to provide limousine service to meet the incoming TDYer. Visitors can arrange with hotels for limousine service to the airport upon departure.A small percentage of Mission personnel with families hire drivers to avoid driving in the Bangkok traffic. The average cost of a full-time driver ranges between B6,000 to B8,000 or 140 and 185 dollars per month.

Regional Transportation Last Updated: 6/21/2004 3:45 AM

Bangkok enjoys excellent air connections with the rest of the countries in Southeast Asia as well as throughout the world. This is one of the principal reasons why many USG agencies with regional responsibilities have elected to locate in Bangkok.Many employees take advantage of their tour in Bangkok to visit countries in the region. All neighboring countries are represented by embassies in Bangkok, and visas can be obtained relatively for some of the neighboring countries.Thailand has excellent air, rail and bus transportation facilities. Air travel is relatively inexpensive with flights to all major cities and resorts operating several times daily. Air-conditioned overnight trains and inter-city buses are very reasonable for travelers with a bit more time on their hands.Major highways, many of them four-lane expressways, connect most large cities of Thailand and are generally in good condition. While the Embassy strongly recommends against night travel on these roads, travel by day is a good way to see the country.

Jim is top Hilux exporter to Thailand including Toyota Hilux Revo and Toyota Hilux Vigo. Thailand Car Import and Export from Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore

Hilux is robust and reliable with high resale valueBangkok as it is in Samut Prakan and Chiengmai. Hilux is always a great value for money but more so at Jim Autos Thailand, Jim Autos Australia, Jim Autos NZ, Jim Autos UK and Jim Autos Dubai where you get even more value for your money when you purchase Hilux at the cheapest price in the world. Remember, if you did not buy at Jim, you paid too much. No one can beat our quality vehicle at our price. Customers in Thailand Import and Export Hilux and full range of Right hand drive vehicles from Jim branches Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore.

Toyota Hilux is also best suited to the climate and terrain of Thailand. It is therefore no surprise that there are so many Hilux admirers and owners in Thailand and many of them proud customers of Jim. A lot of Hilux is imported in Thailand every year and Jim has carved a significant mindshare in Thailand, South East Asia and Asia. We though export Ford Ranger Wildtrak to Thailand and there are now inquiries about Ford Ranger Raptor. Some other pickup trucks that folks from Thailand enjoy are Mitsubishi L200 Triton, Nissan Navara NP300, Mazda BT-50, Isuzu Dmax among others.

Shipping to Thailand via roll on roll off (roro) and container from Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore

Roll on Roll off Ro Ro is often cheaper for most frequented destinations. Customers in Thailand generally prefer container over roro There are two main ways to have your vehicle shipped to Thailand aboard a ship. The first of these is Roll-on/Roll-off also abbreviated as ro-ro, where a car is driven on and off the ship on a ramp and secured to the car decks in the hull or belly of the vessel. The name is based on the fact that you can just roll on the vehicle onto the ship and roll off the ship once it arrives at its destination. A roro vessel is a parking garage on a ship where every vehicle is braced into position. This is the least expensive shipping method from some ports to most frequented ports but when roro ships are scarce like from Thailand, this option may be more expensive than container shipping and may even not be available for some ports and regions but when available it is still preferred in some countries because of the ease of processing the vehicle upon its arrival in Thailand.Beside cars, ro-ro ships can carry all types of motorized, rolling and even static cargo: trucks, boats, buses, motor homes, travel trailers, tractors, excavators, cranes, and other high & heavy equipment and machinery.

Container shipping is preferred by Thailand customers because it requires more paperwork but your vehicle is stowed safely in a containerContainer shipping is safer because the vehicle is packed in a container so no chance of pilfering on either of the ports and schedule is in your control. The container is hoisted on and off the ship while in port by a crane that carefully moves it from the dock to ship and vice versa. We can generally pack one unit in a 20 ft. container, two units in a 40 ft and three units in a 40′ HIQ container. Container shipping is preferred when you want security, safety, control and time frame.

Pickup Truck Exporter has New Toyota Hilux For Sale in Thailand and Used Toyota Hilux For Sale in Thailand, Price and Pictures from Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore

Toyota Hilux Revo Rocco Thailand for sale in ThailandAll new 2019, 2020 Toyota Hilux Thailand is now in stock as is Used 2018, 2017, 2020, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005 and 2004 Toyota Hilux In Thailand at Jim Autos. Toyota introduces its beautifully accessorized model Revo Rocco and it is a big hit and Rocco is now available at Jim. We can also Roccofy a used Revo to look like the new Rocco. No one can beat low prices of Toyota Hilux and other pickup trucks at Jim. New Toyota Hilux Revo is the top selling Toyota Hilux in Thailand and best selling pickup truck. Toyota Hilux Revo Single Cab Thailand, Toyota Hilux Revo Smart Cab Thailand and Toyota Hilux Revo Double Cab Thailand are available at lowest price at Jim as are the specially accessorized models Toyota Hilux Revo Rocco Smart Cab Thailand and Toyota Hilux Revo Rocco Double Cab Thailand.

We are committed to giving our customers a different car buying experience than they are used to. Not only are our prices lowest, our quality and service adhere to highest standards set by our forefathers. Your search for a car deal in Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore may begin somewhere else but it will definitely end here as only at Jim you get the most for your money with no hidden costs and no hanky panky business. We underpromise and overdeliver and our century plus commitment to honesty generation after generation guarantees that there will be no surpises when vehicle arrives on your port.

The Indestructible Hilux Thailand On Sale at Thailand Hilux Exporter and Thailand Hilux Dealer

Top Gear could not break HiluxTop Gear once attempted to destroy a 1988 diesel model by crashing it into a tree, assaulting it with a wrecking ball, submerging it in the s and setting it on fire but no luck, Hilux kept on humming. It is that robust because Toyota Hilux Thailand is built on a steel frame and can haul up to 1450 kg of load, the 4WD Toyota Hilux Toyota Pickup has protection plates in the bottom to protect the major components. Down below we outline the top ten reasons for buying a Hilux in greater details.

Top Ten Reason to buy a Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Thailand, Toyota Hilux SR5 Thailand Australia, Toyota Hilux UK or Toyota Hilux LHD Thailand Dubai

Here are some of the reasons why Toyota Hilux Toyota Pickup remains the best selling pickup in Thailand:

  1. Indestructible: Hilux Thailand is built on a steel frame so it takes a lot to destroy it. The customers in Thailand, South East Asia or Asia rely on it as does the whole world. It can survive drowning, being burnt and being thrown from a cliff.
  2. Robust: It is a robust truck that can take a lot of punishment and a lot of various climates and even war and come unscathed. Its strong ladder chassis makes Hilux one of the strongest pickup around. Hilux Braked towing capacity can go up to 2500kg. HiLux is a true workhorse and can haul up to 1405kg in the tray itself. Underneath, 4×4 versions come with a number of heavy-duty protection plates shielding the major components.
  3. Best Value for your money: Hilux pricing is competitive with all its rivals but in the long run its reliability and availability of cheap parts and easy repairability makes it the best value for the money.
  4. Safety: Hilux has a slew of passive safety and active safety features that make it one of the safest truck around. It has many braking technologies, seatbelts and a number of airbags. Top end of Hilux Revo Thailand comes with anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic brake distribution (EBD), brake assist (BA), traction control (TC), and vehicle stability control (VSC) to allow you to come a full stop quickly.
  5. User Friendliness: Every Toyota vehicle is made with user convenience and comfort in mind and Toyota Hilux is no exception. There are storage options all through the vehicle and from door controls to steering controls everything is at your fingertips.
  6. Comfort: Whether seating is fabric or leather you sink into the comfortable seat. No matter where you drive it in offroad, deserts, fields, farms, rough terrain, city roads or motorways it still drives beautifully and you are still comfortable. The new Eighth Generation Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand is even more comfortable than Toyota Hilux Vigo.
  7. On Road and Off Road King: No matter where you are driving on rough terrain or a smooth road, your driving experience is wonderful. Hilux is not father’s pickup. It feels like you are driving a luxurious sedan but with all the power of a pickup truck. Its ladder frame chassis, comfortable seating and powerful rear suspension gives a smooth ride in all driving circumstances.
  8. Parts, Accessories and Service: Since Toyota Hilux is available in every country of the world its parts and accessories are inexpensive compared to prices of other pickup trucks. Servicing is also easy because most mechanics in the world know how to fix a Hilux even in remote corners of Thailand and Asia so it is quite inexpensive to get it repaired if it needs some TLC.
  9. Powertrains: Toyota Hilux is offered in diesel 2400 cc and diesel 2800 cc and in some markets in 2700 cc petrol/gasoline.
  10. Variety: Toyota Hilux Thailand, Toyota Hilux UK and Toyota Australia are offered in a variety of models in Single Standard Cab, Extra Smart Cab and Double Cab in both two wheel drive and four wheel drive.

Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Models Available for Quick Export to Thailand

Cab Type 2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Models for Thailand
Single Cab 4×4 2017 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Single Cab 2800 cc J Diesel 4×4 5M GUN126R-BTFXHT
Single Cab 4×2 2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Single Cab 2400 cc J SWB Diesel 4×2 5M GUN112R-BTMLYT
2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Single Cab 2700 cc J Petrol 4×2 5M TGN121R-BTMXKT
2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Single Cab 2400 cc J LWB Diesel 4×2 PLUS 5M GUN122R-BTMXYTWB
2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Single Cab 2800 cc J LWB Diesel 4×2 PLUS 5M GUN123R-BTMLYT
Smart Cab 4×2 2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Smart Cab 2400 cc J Diesel 4×2 PLUS
2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Smart Cab 2700 cc J Petrol 4×2 PLUS
2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Smart Cab 2400 cc E Diesel 4×2
2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Smart Cab 2400 cc G Diesel 4×2
Smart Cab Prerunner 2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Smart Cab 2400 cc J Diesel Prerunner Plus
2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Smart Cab 2400 cc E Diesel Prerunner
2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Smart Cab 2700 cc E Petrol Prerunner
2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Smart Cab 2400 cc E Diesel Prerunner Auto
2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Smart Cab 2400 cc E Diesel Prerunner Plus
2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Smart Cab 2400 cc E Diesel Prerunner Plus Auto
2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Smart Cab 2400 cc G Diesel Prerunner
2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Smart Cab 2400 cc G Diesel Prerunner Auto
2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Smart Cab 2800 cc G Diesel Prerunner
2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Smart Cab 2400 cc Diesel Prerunner Rocco
Smart Cab 4×4 2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Smart Cab 2400 cc E Diesel 4×4 Manual
2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Smart Cab 2800 cc G Diesel 4×4 Manual
2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Smart Cab 2800 cc G Diesel 4×4 Manual Rocco
Double Cab 4×2 2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Double Cab 2400 cc J Diesel 4×2 Manual PLUS
2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Double Cab 2400 cc E Diesel 4×2 Manual GUN122R-DTMSYT
Double Cab Prerunner 2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Double Cab 2400 cc J Diesel Prerunner Manual PLUS
2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Double Cab 2400 cc E Diesel Prerunner 6 Manual GUN125R-DTFSHT
2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Double Cab 2400 cc E Plus Diesel Prerunner 6 Manual GUN125R-DTFSHT
2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Double Cab 2400 cc G Diesel Prerunner 6 Manual GUN135R-DTFMHT
2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Double Cab 2700 cc E Petrol Prerunner 6 Auto TGN136R-DTTSKT
2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Double Cab 2400 cc E Diesel Prerunner 6 Auto GUN135R-DTTSHT
2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Double Cab 2400 cc E Plus Diesel Prerunner 6 Auto
2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Double Cab 2400 cc G Diesel Prerunner 6 Auto
2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Double Cab 2800 cc G Diesel Prerunner 6 Auto GUN136R-DTTHHT
2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Double Cab 2800 cc G Diesel Prerunner 6 Auto Rocco GUN136R-DTTHHT
Double Cab 4×4 2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Double Cab 2400 cc E Diesel 4×4 Manual
2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Double Cab 2800 cc G Diesel 4×4 6Manual GUN126R-DTFHHT
2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Double Cab 2800 cc G Diesel 4×4 6Auto GUN126R-DTTHHT
2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Double Cab 2800 cc G Diesel 4×4 6Manual Rocco GUN126R-DTFHHT
2018 Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Double Cab 2800 cc G Diesel 4×4 6Auto Rocco GUN126R-DTTHHT

Car exporter of full range of vehicles to Thailand

Jim exports not just Toyota Hilux Toyota Pickup but full range or vehicles to Thailand and Asia. Here are some vehicle types we export:

  • Right Hand Drive Classic and luxury cars
  • Right Hand Drive Two door and four door Hatchback (car with rear door that opens upwards), sedans (car with a four doors and typical trunk), coupes (closed car with a fixed roof) and convertible/cabriolet/roadster
  • Right Hand Drive Pickup Trucks as Toyota Hilux Revo, Toyota Hilux Revo Rocco, Toyota Hilux Vigo, Toyota Hilux Vigo TRD, Nissan Navara NP300, Ford Ranger, Ford Ranger Wildtrak, Isuzu Dmax, Mazda BT-50, Chevy Colorado among others
  • Right Hand Drive Sports utility vehicles (SUV) like Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Prado, Toyota Land Cruiser, Mitsubishi Pajero, Isuzu MUX, Multi-purpose Vehicles (MPV) as Toyota Innova, crossover SUV (that combines features of an SUV with a hatchback) and all terrain vehicles (SUVs & ATVs)
  • Right Hand Drive Electric and alternative energy vehicles
  • Right Hand Drive Collections and dealership inventory
  • Right Hand Drive Recreational vehicles (RVs), motor homes and fifth wheels
  • Right Hand Drive Privately owned vehicles (POVs) for military
  • Right Hand Drive vehicles and heavy equipment. Construction and mining equipment
  • Right Hand Drive Light Duty, Medium Duty and Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles
  • Motorcycles, scooters and sport bikes
  • Yachts, boats and other watercraft

Thailand Car Exporter to Thailand, Thailand New Car Exporter in Thailand and Thailand used Car Exporter in Thailand, Import Car to Thailand, Export Car to Bangkok, Thailand.

Australia Dubai US Land Cruiser exporter importer to the world including country and contientJim is number 1 exporter of Thailand Japanese new vehicles and Thailand Japanese used vehicles. In addition to Toyota Hilux, we export full range of vehicles including Car, 4×4 Pickup, 4WD SUV, MPV, Minivan, Luxury Marque, Light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty commercial Trucks, small and large Buses, boats, Forklift, Construction and Farm Machinery, Generators, Tyre and Part to Thailand, South East Asia and Asia from Thailand, Australia, Singapore, Japan, UK, Hong Kong, Dubai UAE, United States, Western Europe and Canada. We guarantee best prices on best quality vehicles and ship them fast. No matter which vehicle or machinery you need, we can supply it. Each vehicle, machinery and equipment is handpicked by our team that prides itself on honesty, great quality, great service and great price. You can be assured that our vehicles are not stolen, accident repaired or flood damaged. Always a honest deal and you can be sure that no scam is ever involved. You will treasure the quality of the vehicle you import from us.

Jim is top new and used car dealer and exporter. Thailand Car Exporter to Thailand supplies full range of Thailand vehicles to Thailand including pickup trucks as Toyota Hilux Revo, Toyota Hilux Vigo, Nissan Navara, Chevy Colorado, Isuzu Dmax and Ford Ranger, Sport Utility Vehicles as Toyota Fortuner, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, Ford Everest and Isuzu MUX, Minivans as Toyota Hiace Commuter and Nissan Urvan and Commercial trucks and large buses from Mitsubishi Fuso, Isuzu Trucks and Hino Trucks. Jim s also Australia car exporter to Thailand, Dubai UAE Car Exporter to Thailand.

Toyota Hilux Revo Rocco Thailand Thailand for saleToyota Hilux including Toyota Hilux Revo is our best selling vehicle. Hilux is powerful, sturdy, durable, maneuvrable and good looking especially the new Toyota Hilux Revo with Toyota Tacoma like grill is selling like hotcakes and Jim is Toyota Pickup Expert and no one sells more Hilux than Jim companies. Toyota Hilux Revo Rocco is especially very popular with the customers all over the world and customers in Asia including Thailand. New Hilux Revo Rocco is very popular but if your budget does not allow it then we can convert an older Revo into Rocco.

Export of Right hand drive vehicles and Right hand drive Hilux to Thailand from Jim branches in Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore

Thailand is a Right Hand Drive Country and we export full range of Right hand drive vehicles from Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore. As a dedicated vehicle exporter, we have the resources and skills to find the very best new vehicles and the very best used vehicles and export them expeditiously to your doorstep. Jim exports not just cars but also spare parts, accessories and specialized equipment of unmatched quality and unparalleled experience. Jim has been exporting high quality Thailand vehicles, Australian vehicles, Japanese vehicles, UK vehicles, Dubai vehicles and United States vehicles at affordable cheapest prices. We export to 100 plus countries and we ship vehicles quickly and efficiently and all our used vehicles are thoroughly reconditioned before their export. We use our buying power to acquire vehicles at lowest possible prices and then are glad to pass these savings to all our customers with our legendary customer service known in 100 countries and counting.

Japanese import cars to Thailand, Japanese cars for sale from Thailand, Japan, Australia and Dubai, Japanese new cars, Japanese used cars, Japanese import cars for sale, Japanese used cars for sale, Japanese vehicles in Thailand, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai UAE

Construction equipment exporter to countryThailand is a Right Hand Drive country so we export mostly Right hand drive vehicles from Jim Autos branches in Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore. Jim exports full range of vehicles to customers in Bangkok and other cities of the country including Samut Prakan, Chiengmai and Udon Thani from Car auction, Automobile dealer, Used car dealer, companies and single owner.

Our singular focus is to ensure your success as our success lies in your success. If you get highest quality vehicles at lowest possible price as quickly as possible to your doorstep your profits multiply and the number of satisfied customers multiply as you grow, we grow. This has been the secret to our longevity and spectacular success from strength to strength in the past 100 years and more. Whether you are looking for Thai new car, Thai used car, Australia new car, Australia used car, Japanese used car, Truck, Bus, 4×4, dumper forklift, cherry picker, heavy/construction equipment, caravan, hybrid car, buy a car, coupe in Thailand, Jim is the most trusted source. Our reputation precedes us in every sector of the industry from Governments, militaries, embassies, non-profit organizations, small and medium organizations, large corporations, car distributors, dealers and individuals the world over and in Thailand they know they can rely on us.

New Car Exporter to Thailand and New Toyota Car Dealer to Thailand

Thailand, Australia, UK, Dubai Car Exporter Dealer to ThailandYou can buy a Toyota Hilux in Thailand car bazar or email Jim at [email protected] or send a WhatsApp message or call us at +66-89-106-5701 for car import and car export of new and used Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand and Toyota Hilux Vigo Thailand as well as all Thailand pickup trucks, SUV, minivans, trucks and buses. Among Thai Car exporters to Thailand, Australian car exporters to Thailand, Dubai car exporters to Thailand and Japanese car exporters to Thailand, Jim stands out tall. Jim is the leader of Thai Car dealers, doyen of Japan car dealers, forerunner of Dubai car dealers and leading light of Australian Car Dealers. Our prices are the cheapest and the best and our vehicles of superior most quality.

Used Car Exporter to Thailand and Used Car Dealer to Thailand

Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore exporter of cars, pickups, SUVs, MPVs, vans, trucks, buses, construction, mining, armored cars, ambulance, fire truck to ThailandEven though we are Toyota Hilux experts, we offer full range of vehicles from Sedans, 4×4 Pickups, 4WD SUVs, Station Wagons, Hatchbacks, Four Wheel Drive vehicles, Minibus, Trucks, Buses, Motorbikes, Convertible, Damaged Vehicles, ATV, Heavy Machinery & Equipment, Boats / Jet Skis, Panel Vans / Maxis, Minivans, Spare Parts, Vehicle Accessories to customers in Thailand, South East Asia and Asia. Our used vehicles are of top notch quality, we pick only the choicest vehicles, leaving the quality 4 and below for competitors to fight over. We then thoroughly recondition these premium quality vehicles refurbishing them to Jim Quality Standards sought the world over. We want your complete satisfaction and won’t settle for anything else. We know you are counting on us not just once but for every shipment and we have never disappointed our customers, this is why we have thousands of Customers For Life in all corners of this planet.

Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore Specialized Vehicles Exporter to Thailand, South East Asia and Asia

Jim is not just top car exporter to Thailand but also Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore top exporter of specialized vehicles to Thailand. We export full range of specialized vehicles including:

  • Custom build ambulances, mobile clinics, mobile blood donation centers and fire trucks
  • Multipurpose Refrigerated Vans and Trucks for cold transport
  • Armored vehicles, military vehicles and public security vehicles
  • Construction equipment including TLB, Front End Loader, Excavator, Dump Truck, Scoop Tram, Forklift, Bobcat, Mobile Crane, Tower Crane, Bulldozer, Grader, Reach Truck and Roller among other
  • Farm vehicles, farming implements,
  • Mining vehicles, mining equipment,
  • Trail sleds and snow fun equipment
  • Offroad specialized vehicles, ATV,
  • Jet ski, boats, yacht and all kind of specialized water leisure vehicles.
  • Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore exporter of Ambulances and Fire trucks to Thailand

    We export full range of ambulance and health care vehicles including the following:

    Ambulance Mobile Clinic Eye Clinic On Wheels Blood Collection Vans
    Diabetes Clinic On Wheel Pediatric Care Clinic On Wheels Dental Care Clinic on Wheels Women Health Care Clinic on Wheels

    Top Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore Ambulance mobile clinic exporter to Thailand and AsiaOur ambulances are designed for safety and are loaded with features that are made with end users in mind both the patient and the staff. Our ambulances are strong and safe and yet surprisingly economical. Most of our ambulances are built on either Land Cruiser hardtop or Toyota Hiace but we do build on other vehicles at customer’s request. We offer ambulances according to your budget. For developing countries we can build very basic dirt cheap ambulances on Suzuki Every with upgraded suspension and we can build multi-room mobile clinics build on truck chassis. You can start with a lower option vehicle and add options as your budget allows it. We are a family owned and family operated business prides itself on honesty, great price, great quality and great service. In addition to ambulances we can also supply top quality EMS medical patient handling equipment for emergency and rescue operations and for normal hospital care. We have been supplying top notch vehicles and accessories and personalized service to first response community in Thailand and Asia.

    Mobile Clinics ready to go. Mobile Clinic for export from Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore to ThailandWe can custom build mobile clinics on Hiace vans, Toyota Land Cruiser Hardtop, Ford F-450, Mercedes Sprinter to commercial truck chassis or semi-trailer. Commercial truck based mobile clinics will have multiple rooms for consulting, reception, recovery and treatment/surgery and may even have staff accommodation areas.

    Mobile Clinics Thailand can be built on large trucksWhile both ambulances and mobile clinics can be built on 2wd and 4WD vehicles large clinics can be built on 6×2 or 6×4 trucks. Mobile clinics have lockable drug cabinets and drawers for record storage. The patient bench has an elevating head end and provisions for storage below. Mobile clinics for blood pressure/diabetes, eyecare, dental/oral health, mammography, occupational health and dialysis are also available. We have the right solution no matter what you need.

    Fire Trucks, Rescue, HAZMAT, Special and Command vehicles to Thailand

    We can build HAZMAT truck to your requirements in Thailand and beyondWe build fire, rescue, investigation units, ERU (Emergency Response Units), Modular Rescue Units, First Responder vehicles and HAZMAT vehicles in your budget without compromising the essential functionality that’s essential to the important work the men and women involved in first response and other investigation / emergency services. Fire trucks built on vans and trucks are available not only for Thailand, South East Asia and Asia but every country in the world. We can also custom build HAZMAT, rescue, forest fighting and command vehicles in accordance with your specification for worldwide destinations. Our firefighting vehicles are built on all wheel drive vehicles which we can equip according to your budget.

    aerial trucks for Thailand, Asia and the worldWe can also supply aluminum and steel aerial fire and rescue apparatus to meet all your requirements. No matter how high an aerial ladder you need, the chances are we can supply it.

    Rescue trucks of all sizes available Thailand, and the worldCustom built rescue vehicles built on vans or trucks are as sturdy as our fire fighting vans and trucks. Rescue vehicles are custom built to your requirements and we can include any additional equipment you may require.

    Our Hazardous material (HAZMAT) vehicles are fully equipped for hazmat operations of all kinds and we can build them on either a van or a truck to fit your budget.

    Mobile Command Posts

    Mobile Command vehicles for Thailand, Asia and the worldFighting fire and handling disaster require a fully equipped mobile command vehicles.

    The field of activities of mobile command vehicles, regardless of the specific operational situation, generally include:

    • Management of the entire operational procedure
    • Transport and support of the operational leader/staff
    • Transport of command materials
    • Handling of radio transmissions to the operation site
    • Handling of radio transmissions between the operation site and a superior guiding authority

    This vehicle is often described as a mobile office with comprehensive equipment in the vehicle interior.

    Modified Tourist Cars and VIP Van Conversion to Thailand

    Tourist buses and Hiace converted into VIP vans ThailandWhether you want to convert a Hiace or some other van with luxury VIP seats and other luxury comforts for tourists or your executives. Jim can supply Touring Vans and VIP converted vans to Thailand, South East Asia, Asia and the world. Depending on your budget, we can do either some cosmetic changes or do a full fledged transformation into a luxurious experience. The conversion begins with seating and we offer a range of options from bucket seats, King Seats, First Class seats, business class seats, reclining seats, power reclining seats and even sofas. If you want to install a convertible bed for your CEO then we can also do that.

    Our conversion is not limited to seats, we also change the flooring to meet your taste. Whether you require wood finish vinyl or a carpet of various level of plushness then we can do that as well.

    The next area we pay attention are the ceiling and sides and we can beautify it in different ways to match your taste. Then comes LED lighting, then AC and finally entertainment system to match your budget. Finest woodwork or carbon work is installed on doors, steering, gears and front panel. On larger vehicles we can install bathrooms.

    We can install accessories on the outside of the vehicle to further beautify the vehicle ranging from front guards, bumpers, roof cladding, roof rails and body cladding.

    Business Office on Wheels to Thailand

    Mobile Office for ThailandYou need the most comfortable vans for your executives. Your CEO and senior staff can hold meetings while travelling to other cities or to an important event. Senior executive can remain productive while heading to and from the airport. It can be a variant of the luxury VIP van described above or a complete rethink with super-VIP seats from executive seats, reclining and swivel seats, sofas and even convertible bed. If you want a dream office on wheels then go no further, business executives in Thailand can now be productive and comfortable while they travel in style. Custom flooring, side paneling, ceiling accents, railings and carpets to noise cancelling private space are all in your reach. We can also add ergonomic work desks that can fold out or be a permanent fixture with all charging and connectivity options you might need. Of course internet savvy smart TV will allow you to make conference calls and make powerpoint presentations on the go. The beautiful lighting will match the quality of executive business van that you desire. A pantry with fridge, oven and an electric kettle will keep you hydrated and fed.

    We can also create display and demo vans where you can take your business to your customers where-ever they may be. We can build a mobile shop or create a showcase for your products or a product demo van.

    Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore Exporter of Refrigerated and other Custom built van and truck bodies to Thailand

    refrigerated vans and trucks for sale in Thailand and the worldOur high quality refrigerated vans and refrigerated trucks can transport Vegetables, Fruits, Dairy Products, Chocolates & Pastries. Cooked & Prepared Foods, Meat, Sea Food, Flowers, Deep Frozen Foods, Ice cream, Medicines and Vaccines safely at the required temperature to you destination.

    Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore Exporter of Armored vehicles, military vehicles and public security vehicles to Thailand

    all kinds of armored vehiclesWe specialize in providing bullet-resistant lightly armored and fully armored cars, pickup trucks, SUVs, trucks, buses and VIP limousines to consumers not just in Thailand, South East Asia and Asia but the entire world.

    bulletproof cars, SUV, MPV, truck for sale countryWe can convert your Japanese, American or European car, SUV, van or MPV into a personal fortress against the rising tide of crime and terrorism. Some of the vehicles that are popular with the folks who want their vehicles armored are Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Prado, Toyota Land Cruiser 200, Land Rover Range Rover, GMC Yukon Denali, Lincoln Navigator, Ford Expedition, Ford Everest, Mercedes Benz Maybach, S500, S 600, G550, AMG G55, AMG G63 to various Porsche, Lamborghini, Lexus, BMW, Audi and Lexus models. We can even get buses armored to your specifications.

    B4, B5, B6 and B7 ballistic protection available at JimNo matter what armoring standard you require, B4, B5, B6 or B7 we can implement it on the vehicle of your choice. Whether you want your coupe, sedan, hatchback, pickup truck, SUV, MPV, Van, truck or bus armored Jim is the right place to contact. We also export Special Purpose APC Vehicles for law enforcement community in Thailand and beyond. These vehicles can withstand not just rifle bursts but also armor piercing projections.

    We can supply customized Cash in Transit vehicles, APC, Police vehicles, SWAT vehicles, BATT vehicles Thailand and the worldWhether you require Cash in Transit vehicles, APC, Police vehicles, SWAT vehicles, BATT vehicles or prisoner transport vehicles we have the right vehicle in your budget. Whether you are looking for bulletproof and armored executive SUVs, luxury sedans, special purpose vehicles, personnel carriers, police cruisers, Water Cannon/Riot Control or cash-in-transit vehicles we have a solution just right for you. Individuals, governments, militaries, banks, law enforcement agencies to successful businessmen are glad to buy a high quality armored vehicle from us as they get a cost effective armored vehicle that does not compromise on safety and quality.

    • Armored Cars: Our armoring process is so discreet that no one can tell an armored car from a non-armored one meanwhile the occupants of our armored car can withstand not only rifle or handgun assaults but also grenade attacks. We neither sacrifice form for function nor price for safety. Some of the popular armored models are:
      • Armored Mercedes S-Class S560 Thailand
      • Armored Mercedes Mayback S560 Thailand
      • Armored Mercedes Maybach S600 Thailand
      • Armored Mercedes Benz S550 Thailand
      • Armored Toyota Camry Thailand
      • Armored Toyota Avalon Thailand
      • Armored Lexus LS460L Thailand
      • Armored Mercedes Benz CLS Class Thailand
    • Armored SUVs: Almost any SUV you desire can be made bulletproof, but here are some of the most popular: Thailand
      • Armored Toyota Land Cruiser 200, Thailand
      • Armored Nissan Patrol, Thailand
      • Armored Mitsubishi Pajero, Thailand
      • Armored Land Rover Range Rover, Thailand
      • Armored Mercedes Benz G63 AMG, Thailand
      • Armored Lexus LX-570, Thailand
      • Armored Toyota Sienna, Thailand
      • Armored Cadillac Escalade, Thailand
      • Armored Nissan Armada, Thailand
      • Armored GMC Yukon Denali, Thailand
      • Armored Chevy Suburban, Thailand
      • Armored Jeep Grand Cherokee, Thailand
      • Armored Toyota 4Runner, Thailand
      • Armored Toyota Fortuner, Thailand
      • Armored Toyota Prado, Thailand
      • Armored Toyota Sequoia, Thailand
      • Armored Infiniti QX80 and Thailand
      • Armored Mercedes Benz GL Class Thailand

      We can armor them to either B4, B5, B6 or B7 level

    • Armored Limousines: Now you can travel in group in style and remain uscathed, here are some of the most popular armored limosuines: Thailand
      • Armored Limousine Mercedes Benz G63 AMG Thailand
      • Armored Limousine Mercedes Benz Sprinter Thailand
      • Armored Limousine Cadillac Escalade Thailand
      • Armored Limousine Lexus LX-570 Thailand
      • Armored Limousine GMC Savana Thailand
    • Armored Buses:

      Tourist groups and executives can now travel in class and be safe from trouble makers, here are some of the most popular armored buses: Thailand

      • Armored Bus Ford F-350 Thailand
      • Armored Passenger Bus Ford F550 Thailand
      • VIP Armored Bus Ford E350 Thailand
      • Armored Bus Ford E350 11 Passenger Van Thailand
      • Armored Bus Toyota Hiace Commuter Thailand
      • Armored Bus Toyota Coaster Thailand
      • Armored VIP Bus Ashok Leyland Thailand

    Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore Exporter and Supplier of equipment for Dredging Industry, Earthmoving, demolition and mining industries. Heavy Plants and Construction Equipment to Thailand On Sale

     construction vehicles, construction equipment or earth moving equipment on sale for Thailand Whether you are looking for construction vehicles, construction equipment or earth moving equipment, Jim is the best resource. If you are looking for new or used plants then we can supply whole plant over to you.

    Heavy Earthmoving Equipment:

    earthmoving equipment for sale from Thailand, Australia, UK, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan to Asia Dump Trucks Thailand, Earthmoving Attachments Thailand, Excavators Thailand, Motor Graders Thailand, Track Dozers Thailand, Wheel Loaders Thailand

    Mining & Service Equipment:

    Crane Trucks Thailand, Diesel Tankers Thailand, Service Trucks Thailand, Tip Trucks Thailand, Water Trucks Thailand

    Construction Equipment:

    Air Compressors Thailand, Diesel Trailers Thailand, Compact or Mini Excavators Thailand for general excavation and site preparation projects, Mobile Cranes Thailand, Pressure Cleaner Trailers Thailand, Rollers Thailand, Service Trailers Thailand, Skid Steer Attachments Thailand, Skid Steer Loaders Thailand Trenchers Thailand

    Dredging Equipment:

    Dredging equipment continent on sale Selfdriving amphibious vehicles Thailand, hydraulic long reach machines Thailand, material handling machines for harbourwork, dredging pumps, generator sets and work pontoons. Amphibious Excavators and Long Reach Excavators available

    Forklifts Thailand:

    Electric Counterbalance Forklift Trucks Thailand, LPG Counterbalance Forklift Trucks Thailand, Diesel Counterbalance Trucks Thailand, Heavy Counterbalance Forklift Trucks Thailand

    Warehouse Equipment Thailand:

    Electric pallet trucks Thailand, Pallet Stackers Thailand, Reach trucks Thailand, Tow trucks Thailand

    Range of Construction Vehicles and Equipment

    We export full range of Construction vehicles, construction and earthmoving equipment including:

    • TLB
    • Front End Loader Thailand
    • Compact or Mini-Excavator (under 8 ton) Thailand
    • Crawler Excavator and Wheeled Excavators Thailand
    • Smooth Drum Compactors Thailand
    • Track Loader Thailand
    • Crawler Dozer Thailand
    • Crawler Loader Thailand
    • Crawler Carrier Thailand
    • Dump Truck Thailand
    • Aggregate Equipment Thailand
    • Scoop Tram Thailand
    • Light Towers Thailand
    • Forklift Thailand
    • Bobcat Thailand
    • Mobile Crane Thailand
    • Tower Crane Thailand
    • Bulldozer Thailand
    • Grader Thailand
    • Reach Truck Thailand
    • Road Equipment Thailand
    • Wheel Loader Thailand transport load over small to medium distances
    • Roller Thailand

    Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore Exporter of Farm vehicles and farming implements to Thailand

    Jim exports full range of agricultural equipment, tractors and loader

    Tractors and Loaders Thailand: 4WD/Track Tractors (370 – 620 Engine HP) Thailand, Row Crop Tractors (140 – 400 Engine HP) Thailand, Specialty Tractors (75 – 155 Engine HP) Thailand, Utility Tractors (22.4 – 140 Engine HP) Thailand, Utility Tractor Attachments Thailand, Front End Loaders Thailand, Scraper Systems Thailand,

    Farm Equipment and Technology Thailand: Cutters and Shredders Thailand, Harvesting Equipment Thailand, Hay and Forage Equipment Thailand, Planting Equipment Thailand, Precision Ag Technology Thailand, Seeding Equipment Thailand, Sprayers & Applicators Thailand, Tillage Equipment Thailand,

    Agricultural Tools and Equipment Thailand: Loaders Thailand, Home and Workshop Products Thailand, Used Equipment Thailand

    Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore Exporter of Offroad specialized vehicles, Side by Side and ATV to Thailand

    Side by Side and All Terrain vehicles for export to AsiaWhether you are looking for 2 passenger, 3 passenger or 6 passenger UTV or Side by Sides or Single-rider or dual rider ATV we have the right side by side and ATV to fit your budget. Four Wheeler All Terrain Vehicles are very popular not just with enthusiasts but also law enforcement, search and rescue and military community. Recreation utility ATV are extra tough to navigate rough terrain with full load. Police off-road ATV are just as tough with police lights and horn You ride it like you would a motorcycle, by straddling the seat and controlling direction and speed using handlebars. This means you’ll have an agile machine that’s capable of handling any kind of terrain. Many models roll out of the factory ready to handle fairly compact material, so if you spend most of your off-roading time on something softer, like sand, you’ll want to look for models built specifically for this purpose or upgrades to help the model you have. ATV or Quads are sturdy and durable. The four-wheel design is meant to help you overcome even the toughest of obstacles while still keeping you planted on the ground. Keep in mind though that you should always be wearing the most essential safety gear, especially a helmet, as accidents do happen.

    four wheel drive all terrain vehicles for export to ThailandWhile there are lots of different ATV models built for a variety of purposes, many of them can be placed into one of two categories: recreation and utility. Traditionally, many people think of ATVs as an off-road vehicle used for fun trail riding and there are certainly lots of models that can help you with that. In fact, if you want extra speed and more agile handling, you can ask about sport models for the extra thrills.

    Though it’s less common, there are also utility ATVs designed for labor and more task-oriented work. This can mean a variety of things. It can help you with towing and hauling on larger properties or just help you cross rough terrain a little faster. You can also use ATVs for hunting and can even get a model designed with special hunting features and camo paint jobs. And what’s great is that these ATVs can still handle the trails, so you can use your quad for some weekend fun.

    With an offroad SSV (Side by Side Vehicle) you can take on any terrain with the basic Sport SSV or medium range Utility SSV or top range Recreation and Utility SSV. Rapid Response SSV are made for search and rescue professionals. You can add snow and mud capability to the regular ATV but you can also buy Utility Snowmobiles made specifically for navigating the snow.

    Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore Exporter of Jet ski, boats, yacht and all kind of specialized water leisure vehicles to Thailand

    Full Range of water leisure vehicles to ThailandgWe supply and export full range of water vehicles from watercraft to jet skis to waverunners, small boats to large boats to yachts. Whether you are looking for a watercraft for performance, recreation, sport fishing or touring we have the right watercraft for you. We also supply boat trailers that meet your requirements. A personal watercraft (PWC), also called water scooter, jetski, and comically a boatercycle, is a recreational watercraft that the rider sits or stands on, rather than inside of, as in a boat. From Jet boat, wakeboard boat, scooter, ATV, UTV, runabout, slingshot, outboards, personal watercraft to boot trailer Jim is the right choice. Our quality is the best and our prices even better than best. Jet boats are perfect for recreational activities such as wakeboarding, waterskiing, and tubing, fishing boots are designed to maximize your fishing pleasure while pontoon boats are great for relaxing in the sun, tubing or fishing with your family. Jet Skis and other personal watercraft (PWC) are designed for fun.

    Easy Steps to buy a car, pickup truck, SUV, MPV, minivan, commercial truck, buses, armored vehicles, motorcycle, ambulance, mobile clinic, firetruck, PWC, boat, yacht, construction, farming or mining machinery from Jim for Thailand

    Ordering from Jim is quite easy, here are five easy steps to get your vehicle to your door step.

    1. Selection, Invoice and Payment
      • You Email us at [email protected] or call/WhatsApp/Viber at +66-89-106-5701 to indicate which vehicle you are most interested in new or used, we sell full range of RHD and LHD vehicles and machinery from Thailand, Australia, Dubai UAE, UK, Hong Kong, Japan, Europe and USA. Please also indicate your destination port and country. All our vehicles are of top notch quality, we handpick every used vehicle and recondition it to our exacting standards
      • We give you the C&F (Cost of the vehicle plus freight to your port) pricing of your chosen vehicle.
      • When you are ready to place an order, we send you a proforma invoice via email
    2. Payment, Documentation and Shipping
      • You pay for the vehicle via wire transfer (Telegraphic Transfer) and send us a receipt.
      • We obtain export documentation and load the vehicle in the earliest vessel heading your way to Thailand via your preferred shipping mode
    3. Drafts and Pictures Emailed
      • We send you loading pictures and email you draft BL and draft Commercial invoice and your ship schedule.
      • You alert us in advance if you require any specific documents
    4. Documents Couriered
      • Documents are couriered out to your address in Thailand
    5. Vehicle Arrival, Clearance and Registration
      • Vehicle arrives in Thailand and you work with your Customs agent to clear the vehicle.
      • You have been in touch with your Customs clearance agent before you started the purchasing process so you are aware of the procedure and all involved costs.
      • Once the vehicle is cleared you pick up the vehicle and get it registered.

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