Which vehicles you can import into the Philippines

Which vehicles are eligible to be imported in to Philippines?

By Jack Kates

  • Only left-hand drive vehicles.

  • Vehicles that match Philippine safety and emission standards.

  • All motor vehicles must have an Import Authority Permit issued by the Philippine Bureau of Import Service before the vehicle is shipped.

  • Owner must have lived abroad for at least one year and car must have been registered in his name at least six months if the car is more than three years old, vehicles more than three years old should be registered under shippers name at least one year prior to application of the Import Permit.

  • All vehicles subject to taxes and duties.

  • Gasoline-fueled cars limited to 2,800 cc not over 1,500 kgs.

  • Automobile must arrive within 60 days of customer’s arrival.

  • Destination Agent must be contacted prior to shipping any vehicles.

  • Only one vehicle allowed per family.

Who can import Vehicles into the Philippines

Anyone can import vehicles that have never been registered (brand-new). The importation of used vehicles is banned for everyone except:

  • A returning Filipino or a former Filipino citizen who has stayed abroad for more than a year. -or-
  • An immigrant to the Philippines (shall be at least a holder of a 13G Visa duly issued by the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation).

Those that want to legally import a used vehicle must show that they have owned and operated the vehicle for at least six months.

Anyone which imports a used vehicle without an Import Approval, also called “Prior Import Authority” (PIA), will be heavily fined and their vehicle will be siezed. You will also be required to pay all the taxes and duty you would normally pay.

In addition to the above rules, you cannot import RHD vehicles. Only LHD (steering on left) vehicles can be legally imported.

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