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Land Cruiser 300 RHD and LHD Available Soon

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By Jack A. Kates

Toyota Land Cruiser 300 has been released and it is a very big hit. Toyota is unable to meet its demand due to Pandemic-related supply-chain disruptions. Land Cruiser 300 builds on Toyota’s GA-F platform from the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) family while maintaining its tested ladder-frame architeture.

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King of Terrain

No matter what terrain you throw at it, the Land Cruiser reigns and rules over it boldly and lays claim to it. The new design language keeps its sovereign claim intact despite the V6 engine

Land Cruiser 300 Performance

The LandCruiser was a toy of choice for explorers who could wander off into the world’s most rugged conditions with nary a worry, they know their loyal Land Cruiser will be victorious over any terrain. The LandCruiser 300 gives you the same solid performance you have come to expect from it. It shall never disappoint!

4WD Power

The LandCruiser 300 sports a brand new 3.3L Twin-Turbo V6 Diesel engine. Producing more diesel power than ever before it puts down an impressive 227kW and 700Nm while lowering CO2 emissions from the previous two generations. Combined with a world class 4WD system for a braked towing capacity of 3500kg


All that power is transferred to the wheels via a brand new 10-speed automatic transmission designed to enhance driving performance, fuel efficiency, and quietness. In the Sahara ZX a Rear Torque Sensing Limited Slip Differential (LSD) means power is smooth and constant..


Available on GXL and above, Multi Terrain Select with a new Automatic Mode was tuned for Australian conditions and uses advanced algorithms to adjust brake hydraulic pressure, driving force, and suspension systems. This helps your LandCruiser find the best traction on a range of surfaces and conditions Exclusive to the All-New GR Sport, E-KDSS (Electronic Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System) responds to real time conditions, engaging stabilisers during on road cornering and freeing movement for rugged off-roading

Land Cruiser 300 Design

The LandCruiser has always been the top four wheel drive SUV. The LandCruiser 300 continues this legacy, unmistakably tough and ready for action; it has a look that means business and its design improves on its marque looks

Steel & Alloy Rims

In all variants, the LandCruiser 300 has wheels made to go further. From the tough 17” steel wheels on GX, the 20” luxury alloys fitted to the Sahara ZX or the 18” black alloy wheels unique to the GR Sport, they’ll take you where you want to go.

Rough & Refined

The LandCruiser 300 presents both a rugged and imposing presence as well as an air of sophistication and prestige. It’s connected to a long history and tradition while also feeling future focused and advanced

Beautiful Accessories

Your LandCruiser 300 has a range of available Genuine Toyota and quality ARB Accessories[ designed and created alongside the new LandCruiser to ensure that they integrate seamlessly without affecting the performance or safety of your vehicle

Land Cruiser 300 Interior

While the LandCruiser 300 continues in the rough and tumble spirit of its forebears it has also seen huge advances in interior comfort and technology


The LandCruiser 300 is joined by two new luxury models, the Sahara ZX and the GR Sport, but you’ll find luxurious features across the whole range. The VX and up sports a large moonroof and heated and ventilated front seats, the Sahara and up also receives heated and ventilated second row outer seats


With Apple CarPlay®[C14] and Android Auto™️[C14] standard across the range and wireless charging on GXL and above, staying connected is simple and straightforward. While a hands free back door with Kick Sensor on the Sahara ZX means even the biggest adventures start with easy packing


With 7 seats on GXL, VX and Sahara and 5 seats on GX, Sahara ZX and GR Sport you’ll find the right configuration for your lifestyle. And thanks to flexible back rows you’ll be able to adapt to whatever adventure you have planned

Touch Screen

A 12.3” colour touchscreen display sits at the centre of all operations in the VX model and up. While in the Sahara and above you’ll be in charge of a premium 14 speaker JBL®[C11] system clearly reproducing music, podcasts and audiobooks.


Adventure need not be uncomfortable. In all variants the LandCruiser 300 is big, spacious and adaptable to the right mix of passengers and cargo for every outing

Special Touch

Inside the Sahara ZX and the GR Sport you’ll also find interior features like carbon fibre look steering wheel, centre console and door trim. The GR Sport also has a GR Sport Badge on the Steering Wheel and Smart Start Button as well as unique GR Sport embroidery on front seat headrests

Land Cruiser 300 Accessories

With your choice of Toyota and ARB accessories, we can make our LC300 more safe and more attractive

Make It Tougher

Set out for your next adventure with the right gear. Shown on the Sahara, take on the rugged with a Toyota Genuine Bashplate, your choice of Steel or Alloy Bullbar, Front and Rear Recovery Point[J11] and Winch to help get you out of trouble

Offroad Ready

Get off the grid, get off-road. Be ready to tackle any trail with a Toyota or ARB Bashplate, Steel or Alloy Bullbar, LED Light Bar, and Roof Tray

Hit the Road

Load up then hit the road. Toyota or ARB Roof Racks, Pro Bike Carrier, Tow Kit for extras, plus a Bonnet Protector and Weathershields for a smoother journey

Land Cruiser 300 Safety

The LandCruiser 300 gains the new generation of Toyota Safety Sense technologies as well as built in features designed for safer adventures and journeys


In your LandCruiser 300 you’re sure to encounter plenty of wild and rough terrain both in front and behind you. Available in the VX and up the 3D Multi-Terrain Monitor uses multiple cameras to assist you in determining the conditions around the vehicle in off-road terrain


The LandCruiser 300 ensures all passengers are covered in the event of a collision or any other serious accident, with 10 airbags in both 5 and 7 seat variants. In all models you’ll know who’s buckled up at all times too, for absolute peace of mind


The LandCruiser 300 was created for your lifestyle. We know that towing is integral to your weekend, that’s why as well as having a braked towing capacity of up to 3500kg[G6] the LandCruiser 300 has driver aid technology designed for safe towing

Prevent Accidents

Pre-Collision Safety system (PCS) with pedestrian and daylight cyclist detection can sense other vehicles, pedestrians and during daylight, cyclists. It can help avoid or reduce the impact of a potential collision with an audio and visual alert, then by applying extra brake force if needed. It can even apply the brakes automatically if you don’t. In some scenarios, the LandCruiser 300 can use Emergency Steer Assist to help you avoid a collision, and keep you in your lane once collision avoidance has been initiated[S1]. This feature is available on VX and above

Stay in your Lane

While Cruise Control is activated the LandCruiser 300 VX and up can use Lane Trace Assist to sense if you’re departing your lane and use the brakes to help keep you on track. Road Sign Assist recognises certain Australian speed signs and can alert you to changes in the speed limit

Dynamic Cruise Control

Dynamic Cruise Control monitors traffic ahead and can help to keep a safe distance from the car in front to ensure you’re focused on the road. Working with the Road Sign Assist setting, it can also prompt you to adjust your set speed to the current road speed limit

Land Cruiser 300 Main Models

LC300 GR Sport

The GR Sport borrows from the world of extreme off-road racing yet maintains winning levels of comfort and luxury.. Carbon fibre trim, genuine leather and GR badging makes for a beautiful interior

LC300 Sahara

Toyota Land Cruiser Sahara is defined by comfortable luxury. It is a luxurious haven which takes you to offroad destinations as diverse as savannah, wilderness, and desert. Seven leather accented seats are comfortable and allow you to gain anywhere without getting tired. 14 speaker JBL audio keeps you humming on even the longest journeys. Even second row passengers are kept entertained with two touchscreens on the back of the front seats. 3.3L twin-turbo diesel engine produces 227kW and a hill conquering 700Nm. Sahara is a spacious car with plenty of passenger and cargo space. Heated and cooled front and second row seats, premium 18″ wheels and its ability to store three memory settings for the driver seat are just some premium settings on this beautiful top end SUV.

LC300 Sahara ZX

The first ever Sahara ZX gains extra performance, specialty ornamentation and extra touches of luxury and convenience. Premium features and extra special touches make it a desirable SUV. 3.3L twin-turbo diesel engine produces 227kW and 700Nm for effortless motoring wherever you go. Carbon trim, genuine leather, heated and cooled seats, 20″ alloy wheels, enhanced shock absorbers, limited-slip-differential, and 5 mode driving select make it beautiful and powerful

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